What is Internet Millionaire? How

In the 21st century, there have been some updates in professions around the world. The richest people in the world are no longer those who own an airline company, a chain of 5-star hotels, or factories.

After the invention of the Internet, new occupational groups were added to the favorite occupations category. Now there is a concept called internet millionaire.

With the development of the software and e-commerce industry in the world, the concept of an internet millionaire has become more and more common day by day.

E-commerce companies and software companies have earned billions of dollars and started to manage the world economy.

The tendency towards these occupational groups started to increase in Turkey as well as abroad. People are starting to like the idea of ​​making money online.

At first, this seemed impossible to people. Maybe it still seems impossible to you. But believe me, even in Turkey, there are many individuals and companies that make money in this way.

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It is impossible not to have heard of these e-commerce sites. Now, the concept of m-commerce has been added on top of the e-commerce system.

All the sites I mentioned above created their own mobile applications and started selling within the mobile application.

In this way, the era of selling to people over mobile phones began and progressed rapidly. Currently, most of the sales that take place on the internet are made from mobile.

The concepts of e-commerce and m-commerce are gaining more and more importance day by day. People become internet millionaires by taking part in these industries.

The year is 2017 and now we know these professions. There are also professions that we do not know about or that we see on the internet but cannot perceive.

The Choice of Internet Millionaires Abroad: Affiliate Marketing

There are many people in the US who become internet millionaires by marketing products over the internet. That way they don’t own big companies. What they earn is not 50 million-100 million TL.

But they make millions of dollars by signing up for various systems and marketing products on the marketplace.

For example,

They earn money by establishing websites and promoting products on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and E-bay. The name of this business is Affiliate Marketing…

Moreover, they become internet millionaires by doing this job. But internet millionaires are often the ones who market digital products.

They make money by selling e-books, video tutorials, and selling their products over the internet.

Moreover, there is no need to prepare products for affiliate marketing. You can also earn money by promoting digital products that others have prepared.

What Level is Affiliate Marketing in Turkey?

The popularity of this business in Turkey is increasing day by day. Although few people are aware of affiliate marketing at the moment, there are people who earn income by doing this business and continue their lives with these earnings.

The concept of internet millionaire is not valid for affiliate marketing in Turkey. Since it is a new sector in our country, the earnings are in the range of 100 TL – 20,000 TL.

Those who start this business without having enough knowledge saying “I will make money on the Internet, heheeeee” can earn a maximum of 100-300 TL per month.

People who are really knowledgeable in this business for years, who see affiliate marketing as a profession, earn in the range of 1500-6000 TL per month.

A lucky group earns close to 20,000 monthly earnings. But the number of these people does not exceed the fingers of one hand.

This is the situation in Turkey for now. But why shouldn’t internet millionaires emerge from the affiliate marketing industry like in the USA in the future?

The concept of internet millionaire will be popular in Turkey 4-8 years from now. I absolutely believe this.

A large part of Turkey’s internet users shop online, and the volume of e-commerce in Turkey in 2022 reached 30 billion TL.

This income is the turnover of large e-commerce sites that sell physical products. But now the sales of online products are also included in this income. Currently, sales of digital products are a drop in the ocean next to sales of physical products. But as time goes on, that droplet will turn into the ocean, just as it once did in the United States.

Video training sales will reach serious figures 4-8 years from now. If you want to become internet rich in the future, you can start working on this subject now.

In addition, by establishing websites without preparing a product, you can market the products prepared by others, and reach thousands of TL in income, who knows, maybe you can become an internet millionaire years from now.

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