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Various Promising Online Businesses

Various Promising Online Businesses

In today’s digital world, there are various types of businesses that are worthy of us to try. Online business, for example, is the easiest type of business to do. A little capital plus a work location that can be anywhere is the main attraction for online business actors. In fact, some are desperate to decide to leave the office to focus on running this business. However, among the many who have tasted the sweetness of this business, there are also those who complain about failure. The reasons also vary, ranging from difficult, no cost, and so on.

There is no instant word in online business, persistence is one of the main components. As long as you are patient, you can definitely make a profit from this business. Anyone from any circle can try this business. There is no benchmark for a certain level of education. Internet references become the main mecca before starting an online business. Ebooks and online courses can also be used as references. The rest is passion and unlimited creativity.

What types of online businesses are worth trying?

Google Adsense

Who is not familiar with this product made by Google, among online businesses the name Google Adsense is very famous. Many have tasted the sweetness of this Pay Per Click (PPC) business. There are several steps you have to go through to become a Google Adsense publisher. First, make sure that you already have a website. Second, first, register your website at www.google.com/adsense. After that, if you are accepted, go to Google Adsense settings to get a code that will later be installed on your website. Technically, the more people who click on your ad, the greater your potential to gain rupiah from the program.

Opening ad space on the website

If you have a website that already has a good track record on search engines, it never hurts to try to offer advertising services on your website. Usually, advertisers will first look at the number of visitors or traffic on your website. If it is in accordance with market criteria in general, of course, this will be a separate consideration.


Technically, an affiliate web program is when someone participates in promoting products from other people’s websites. Clickbank, for example, opens the program. The capital that needs to be disbursed is also quite low. Simply by having a website and understanding the ins and outs of digital marketing activities, you can start this affiliate business.


Becoming a reseller of a certain product is the choice that most online business people take. Simply by utilizing social media such as Facebook, BBM, and others, you can try this business. Another thing you need to prepare before becoming a reliable reseller is sufficient capital. Because you have to buy the product first before reselling it. A reseller is different from a drop shipper in that a dropshipper is not required to buy the product he wants to sell.

Become a writer

For those of you who have a hobby of writing, there is nothing wrong with converting that hobby into rupiah coffers. You can promote your writing services online, either through a personal website or forums such as kaskus.co.id and ads.id. Moreover, if you are proficient in English, you can offer writing in that language at a higher price offer. Be grateful if someone contacts you for a certain period of time with an attractive price offer.

Those are some types of online businesses that are worthy for you to try. Patience and consistency is the main recipe for running this digital business. Learn in advance the segmentation of your business market so that everything is more focused. Learning from the experiences of others is also another important component to minimize unwanted things.


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