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Personal Assistant Between Career And Romance

Personal Assistant Between Career And Romance

Not only helping superiors complete office work, but an assistant can also enter the realm of the boss’s personal life. In fact, you could say they are more intimate than their respective partners.

A personal assistant is one of the most sought-after professions these days. In fact, companies are willing to pay quite high salaries to personal assistants to directors and executives. Are bright Friends interested in trying?

This is what usually happens, a personal assistant is closer to the boss than the boss’s relationship with his partner. When they are in trouble or need something, the first person to look for is a personal assistant. So it is possible that the personal assistant knows the personal information of the boss in more detail than other people.

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Every job has advantages and disadvantages.

When you decide to become a personal assistant, it means that you have to be prepared with an uncertain schedule, from setting the meeting agenda to taking care of the school needs of your boss’s children.

For example, Not only unclear job descriptions, but personal assistants must also be ready to be contacted at any time. Talking about holidays, the leave rights are quite unique. When the boss wants to take a break from the routine and wants to spend time with his family, that’s when a personal assistant can enjoy a day off.

But, look at the bright side. Your closeness to your boss can open up job opportunities to a wider world. In addition, you can also enjoy “free travel” when your boss goes on an official trip out of town or country. Fun, isn’t it?


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