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New88 Sic Bo Game – Opportunity to Make Real Money From Betting

New88 Sic Bo Game – Opportunity to Make Real Money From Betting

New88.com Sic Bo game is one of the most popular reward games at New88 playground. If bettors want to explore the exciting and opportunistic world of Sic Bo games, New88 Definitely a choice not to be missed. Let’s learn more about the game and how to participate through the article below.

Overview of New88 Sic Bo game

The Sic Bo game at New88 not only retains its traditional nature but also brings new and convenient experiences to players. One of the highlights is the flexibility in participating in the game. Players can participate anytime, anywhere, just need an internet connection via mobile devices.

New88 Sic Bo game lobby attracts players not only because of its simple rules but also because of its diversity of betting options. Players can freely choose between odd/even numbers, the total score of the three dice, the color of the dice, and many other options. This helps create a challenging and engaging playing atmosphere.

Diverse bet levels are also an outstanding advantage of the New88 Sic Bo game hall. Players can flexibly adjust the bet level according to their wishes and personal financial situation. This helps optimize participants’ betting experience. Not only that, the payout rate at New88’s Sic Bo game hall is also one of the factors that determine the appeal of the game. With high odds, players have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards when correctly predicting the outcome of the game.

Betting options in the New88 Sic Bo game

New88 Sic Bo game lobby offers many different betting options, creating more diversity and richness for participants’ playing experience. Below are some other popular bets that players can choose from:

  • Even/Odd: Players can bet on the even or odd sum of the three dice.
  • Total Score: Bet on the exact total score of the three dice. There are many betting options with different total points, and players can choose the appropriate bet level.
  • Over/Under: Players can bet on a specific total score range (e.g. 4-10 or 11-17).
  • Small bet: Bet on a specific number of a dice (from 1 to 6). If the number appearing on at least one dice matches the number you bet on, you win.
  • Independent bet: Bet on a specific number appearing on one or more dice.

These betting doors create a diverse, exploratory and challenging playing space, increasing the excitement for players when participating in Sic Bo games at New88.

Steps to participate in playing New88 Sic Bo game

To start your journey of playing Sic Bo games at New88, you can easily follow these steps:

Step 1: First, go directly to the New88 homepage or use the mobile application to experience the game in the most convenient way.

Step 2: If you already have a New88 Sic Bo game account, log in by entering your login information. In case you do not have an account, you just need to click the “Register” button and fill in all the information required by New88 to create a new account.

Step 3: After logging in, select “Deposit” and choose the appropriate deposit method. Next, follow the detailed instructions to complete the deposit process to your betting account.

Step 4: After successfully depositing money, select “Casino” and enter the keyword “Sic Bo” in the search box. The system will automatically display the game on the player’s screen. By clicking on the game, the player is ready to participate in the exciting game.

Some experiences in playing New88 Sic Bo that are easy to win

Winning the New88 Sic Bo game can become easier if you apply some smart and effective tips for playing. Here are some strategies to help you have more chances of winning:

Apply double play

To put it simply, the “double” strategy is a betting method in the New88 Sic Bo game, in which, after each failed game, the player will double the bet compared to the previous game. For example, if you bet 10k and lose, you will increase your bet to 20k in the next game. This process continues, doubling the bet until a game is won, then returning to the original bet.

This method is often applied when players want to recreate money lost in previous games. However, this is not a suitable strategy for everyone, especially newcomers who do not have much experience. In addition, to implement the “folding” strategy, a large and stable capital source is needed to counteract the string of failures and ensure that you have the ability to continue playing.
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Need to calculate carefully before betting on New88

Although the New88 Sic Bo game is a game of chance, that does not mean players bet based on luck. During play, careful observation and calculation are important factors. If you feel that a bet has a high chance of winning, you can decide to bet a larger amount to optimize profits. On the contrary, if you feel less confident about your prediction, betting at a lower level will help preserve your capital.

Do not put in multiple doors

A common mistake that many New88 Sic Bo players make is placing too many bets in the same game, hoping that this will increase their odds of winning. However, reality shows that this only causes you to encounter more difficulties without bringing any significant benefits during play. A simple calculation will show that dividing your capital to bet on multiple doors will reduce your profit margin, even if you win.

You should choose an over/under table with many players participating

New88 Sic Bo game, has many betting tables with a variety of bet levels and player sizes. To optimize your chances of winning, you should choose tables with a large number of participants. Participating at crowded tables increases your chances of winning, because the more players, the more information and strategies are shared. Besides increasing your chances of winning, playing at crowded tables also offers great learning opportunities. Players can observe and learn from excellent opponents, thereby improving their playing ability.

Play first at small bets

If you are a new player, betting with a small amount of money is a smart strategy. This way, you have the opportunity to master the rules and how the game works without having to take big risks. The main goal is to gain experience and gain a better understanding of the factors that influence the outcome of the game.


Above is detailed and useful information aboutNew88 Sic Bo game. This is an opportunity for you to not only experience the joy of entertainment but also have the opportunity to earn attractive rewards. While playing, if you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact New88’s support hotline for assistance.


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