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Tips for Introducing Letters and Numbers to Early Childhood

Tips for Introducing Letters and Numbers to Early Childhood

Parents would not be happy and proud to see their child grow up to be a smart child. Such is the natural instinct that parents everywhere will feel when they see children getting smarter and more adorable. It will be a plus point when parents understand when their children are in their Golden Age.

Yup, this Golden Age is a moment that cannot be repeated. Therefore, you as a parent must take advantage of this moment well. So how do you make the most of this moment? Is not now introducing letters and numbers from an early age still a debate? Well lol.

Take it easy mother, when you introduce letters or numbers to children but in a fun way, your little one will certainly enjoy it. For example, if you invite children to learn while playing, the children will also be happy and feel they are not being invited to learn.

For this reason, here we will describe tips on introducing letters and numbers to early childhood in a fun and exciting way.

Play finger games

Teaching early childhood is a challenge in itself because it has to pay attention to the age of the child, which is very much different than educating school-age children or even teenagers. But all obstacles can be overcome because children will enjoy it when you invite children to learn while playing. One of them is by playing finger games.

In introducing numbers, for example, spread your fingers in front of the child, then start counting from the numbers 0 to 10. After a few times, invite the child to point the fingers one by one and balance them by saying the numbers.

Meanwhile, to introduce letters, you can say the letters with a count of fingers. Stop at a certain letter, for example, the letter H – Nose, I – Fish so that children are easier to remember.

Use cardboard as a learning medium

Have you ever been writing a shopping list on paper when suddenly a child approached and asked for a pen? This is a sign that children instinctively understand that a pen is a tool for “doodles”. Starting from this simple thing, there is nothing wrong if you write the letters on cardboard and then stick them on the wall.

Next, provide paper or drawing books and markers. Then let your child explore themselves. But you should still be accompanied by giving examples of certain letters. At least children have been introduced to letters from an early age.

Colored paper

Children love bright and colorful colors. Therefore, prepare colorful paper and then cut it into a square. Then write each letter of the alphabet or number on the paper (each piece of paper is one letter or number).

Over time, children will get used to seeing the shapes of letters or numbers on the paper. Even with this method, children can recognize 3 things at once, namely colors, letters, and numbers.

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So, those were some ways to introduce letters and numbers to children in a fun way. The point of all of the above is actually in the sentence “learning while playing”. So you as a parent should also try as much as possible to be more creative in juggling learning materials by packaging them into games that are not boring.

I hope the information above is useful.


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