Uproar after London council fines five-year-old girl £150 for running lemonade stand

In yet another stunning example of what can go wrong when poorly-thought-out laws are passed and then have to be enforced, a news nugget from East London tells the story of a five-year-old child – doing what many five-year-old children do – that has been scarred for life by the reckless abandon of a cop that either hates kids or has no business being a cop:

East London council enforcement officers are facing an angry backlash after they shut down a five-year-old girl’s lemonade stand before fining her father £150.The outrage came after it emerged the young child burst in to tears and told her dad “I’ve done a bad thing” after Tower Hamlets officers shut the stall down.The officers were branded “contemptible idiots” by angry Twitter users, with others saying the “unbelievable” incident left a “sour taste” in their mouth.Former Ukip MP Douglas Carswell joined the social media fury, adding that the story is “the British state summed up in one news item.”

We get it… the law is the law and laws must be enforced. We can’t help but wonder, though, if anyone in government thinks they will improve Police recruitment numbers in future years by shaking down five-year-old children who are only trying to boost their self-confidence and gain a feeling of accomplishment. Weed out this little girl will grow up with the slightest intention of ever becoming a cop herself.

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