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Reputable online cockfighting – Why should you join at New88!

Reputable online cockfighting – Why should you join at New88!

New88 – Is a bookmaker Reputable online cockfighting most today. If you are a professional betting and cockfighting player, you probably know this name. Let’s learn objectively about this top chicken house.

New88 – Asia’s leading reputable online cockfighting site

Bookmaker  New88 is one of the bookmakers Reputable online cockfighting famous in the Asian betting market, especially Vietnam.
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 New88 is a subsidiary of M.A.N Entertainment Group and is headquartered in Manila, Philippines. A unit operating in the Casino and hotel industry for more than 15 years and specializing in providing fighting cocks for 10 years.  New88 is committed to providing quality, classy games that satisfy players.

In Vietnam,  New88 has outstanding advantages because this house has cockfighting arenas raised and trained in Vietnam such as Thomo Cambodia – Casino three nine (999), casino four nine (9999) and casino 67,… This is also is the gathering place of famous cockfighting arenas from many countries such as the Philippines and Thailand.

Reputable online cockfighting styles at New88

 New88 always accompanies the development of today’s players’ need to watch cockfighting online. Therefore, this house always improves viewing quality and improves betting services.

When you come to New88, you will be able to participate in various form Reputable online cockfighting diverse as:

 New88 cockfighting live

 New88 will be a regular venue for many matcheLive cockfighting. These matches take place daily, even weekly. Most cockfights are reported directly from bookmaker  New88 Thomo Cambodia. All large and small fighting cocks in Thomo gather here. Therefore, players will easily participate in watching and betting on the desired fighting cock.

Cockfighting with commentary

Battles Quality online cockfighting  New88 will be commenting live. The team in charge of this work are members of this house. They are all good commentators and have many years of experience in the field of cockfighting.

Therefore, those who participate in watching cockfighting online will have the opportunity to better understand the game you are enjoying. Accordingly, the chances of betting and winning will be much higher for participants.

Cockfighting with iron spurs at New88

Cockfighting matches are also broadcast at New88. Players can update matches daily to participate in betting.

In addition, New88 also offers many other forms of cockfighting for money. For example: American cockfighting with iron spurs, Cambodian cockfighting…

Why should you join the reputable online cockfighting bookmaker New88?

When it comes to Reputable online cockfighting  New88, you will freely choose a match that you love. At the same time, players also receive many other benefits from the house. These benefits will always bring the best experience for players at  New88.

789 BET Fighting Cocks – Where the best fighting cocks gather

 New88 cockfighting arena is considered the place where many top and attractive cockfights take place. Betting experts are also very interested in this cockfighting arena. Here you will see many undefeated fighting cocks from all over the world.

In particular, before entering each match, the fighting cocks will be evaluated and their health checked extremely strictly. Thereby, you will see highly professional cockfighting matches. Furthermore, cockfights are always updated and broadcast every day.

 New88 cockfighting has high odds

The odds are what attracts players the most. Understand this psychology of betting enthusiasts and bookmakers Reputable online cockfighting  New88 offers quite high and very attractive odds. Besides, the odds are always updated as soon as possible and most completely.

Some other 5* reviews from players

The thoughtful services players receive when participating at the school Reputable online cockfighting New88. This is also the factor that makes  New88 receive many compliments from fans.

  • Deposit and withdrawal services are always guaranteed to be the fastest and safest.
  • Customer care and support services always meet all players’ needs.
  • Bonus services for players are invested quite methodically and majestically.

How to register an account with reputable online cockfighting bookmaker New88?

How to register a  New88 account to open a betting network is extremely simple with the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Access the  New88 registration link/
  • Step 2 – Enter complete information according to the registration panel that appears.
  • Step 3 – Click “REGISTER” to complete registration.
  • Step 4 – After having an account, you proceed to choose the appropriate payment method and deposit money to participate in betting.


So through this article, you have a better understanding of the house Reputable online cockfighting New88 already? To join the house, please visit the website/ Please! Coming here, you will have sublime betting moments.


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