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Instructions for playing Xoc Dia at New88, easy to play and easy to win

Instructions for playing Xoc Dia at New88, easy to play and easy to win

How to play Xoc Dia on New88

Step 1: Register an account

Like many other games, when participating in online card gambling, you must have an account online. At bookmaker Nhà cái New88, too, registering an account is very simple, you just need to click on the following links to enter some required information:

Step 2: Choose a game table

After you have an account and log in to your account, select a table to play as follows: SelectLive Casino – Select lobbyWM Casino -> Xoc Dia -> Selecttable play

As shown in the image above, there are instructions for choosing a lobbyWM CASINO to participate in playing card games on New88.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate table

There are different tables in the halls as well as different betting levels for each hall, so balance your finances to choose which room is suitable to play!

In the lobby WM CASINO There will be many different coin toss tables, you choose the appropriate table and click to start playing.

Step 4: Proceed to place your bet

After you have chosen a suitable table for yourself, you can proceed to place your bets

Based on your experience as well as the results of previous shakes, you will decide on the correct bet that can bring you big wins.
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We can change the bet level by clicking on the bet limit settings. There are many levels from 10k -> 100 million for you to choose from.

When betting, there are the following doors: Even – Odd – Four – Three White, one red – Three red, one white – Big – Small (Over – Under)

Step 5: Pay rewards

If the result you bet is exactly the same as the corresponding shock result, the house will pay the prize at the pre-determined rate.

If you lose, the house will also deduct money from your playing account.

After the prize is paid, a new bet will begin.

Types of bets in coin toss and payout rates

There are many different ways to bet when you participate in playing coin toss at bookmaker New88 and with each different way of betting there will be the following corresponding payout rates:

Bet types

In coin toss, there are the following basic types of bets:

  • Odd even bet: This is the most popular type of bet, and it is the fairest. You only need to choose whether the bet result is even or odd, the winning rate is divided equally by 50% on each side.
  • 4 white bet: this is also the type of bet chosen by many players because it has a very high winning rate.
  • Bet 4 black (red): This bet is similar to betting four white.
  • Bet 3 white 1 black (red): We need to accurately predict the result of the dice game. If the result is 3 white and 1 red, you will be the winner.
  • Bet 3 red (black) 1 white: The betting method is similar to betting 3 white 1 red above.
  • Big – Small Bet: Big or small bet, also known as over/under bet, is also a betting method chosen by many players.

Exact payout rates for bet types:

Above, New88 has shared with you the popular bet types that are often chosen. Now we will share details about the payout rates of these betting packages with you:

Bet Combination Compensation Rate Explanation of results
Bet even 1 : 0.96 The results are (4 red beads), (4 white beads), (2 white beads, Two red beads)
Odd Bet 1 : 0.96 The results are (3 red beads – 1 white bead), (3 white beads – 1 red bead)
Big Bet (Over) 1 : 0.96 The result is ( 4 red ) Or ( 3 Red – 1 white )
Small bet (Under) 1 : 0.96 The result is: (4 White) Or (3 White – 1 red)
1 : 12 The result is: all four faces are red
1 : 12 Result: all four sides are white
1 : 2.6 Result: 3 red – 1 white correct
1 : 2.6 Result: 3 white – 1 red

Example of instructions for playing coin toss on New88

Instructions for playing coin toss on New88 with specific images as follows:

After you follow the steps above to enter the New88 online coin toss table, the betting interface will appear.

Choose the amount you want to bet on the chips (there are types: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, Set so you can adjust the amount you want to bet for a game as you like): Choose chips 20 thousands.

Continue, you choose the door you want to bet on: Choose the bet door isOdd with a ratio of 1 to 0.96.

Click the buttonConfirm to place a bet (note: place a bet within the betting limit of 22 seconds).

After the time returns 0, the Dealer opens the result: DoorOdd Win with a winning ratio of 1:0.96 for a total of 39,200 VND.

If you want to reselect the betting table, select the buttonChange tables.


Above is all you need to know to play well at New88. Hopefully with these detailed instructions you will firmly grasp the rules of the game so you can win big in your bets.


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