Home Others The most accurate way to play New88 three-card card game, the secret to winning extremely quickly

The most accurate way to play New88 three-card card game, the secret to winning extremely quickly

The most accurate way to play New88 three-card card game, the secret to winning extremely quickly

3-card cards, also known as scratch cards, 3-card cards, is a game that is no longer strange to red and black enthusiasts. Currently, you can absolutely play a simple 3-card card game with New 88 Bookmaker, with fast, reputable bet payouts and a beautiful interface that makes it feel as exciting as playing in real life. In the article below, New88 will reveal detailsHow to play the standard New88 three-card card game Best for you guys, the probability of winning is super high.

Detailed rules of New88 3-card card game

Unlike other card games such as Tien Len, Sam, Ta La… New88 3-card card only uses cards from A – 9 (leaving out cards 10, J, Q, K). Each person is dealt a total of 3 cards, a game can have a maximum of 12 participants.

After the New88 Dealer deals the cards, you will count the 3 cards in your hand. Whoever has the closest score to 10 wins. In which point 10 is taken as a milestone, if the total score is 19 it is still counted as 9, 20 points is still counted as 10…

In a game where players have the same score, the suit of the highest card will be compared, ranked in order of hearts > diamonds > diamonds > spades. For example, player 1 has 3 cards 2 3 and 8 (hearts), player 2 has 3 cards 1 4 and 8 (spades), then player 1 will win.

Some popular forms of playing New88 3-card cards

Currently, New88 Bookmaker opens many online New88 three-card card playing halls so you can freely choose:

  • Playing 3 card turtles: players will bet the same amount of money, the Dealer will be the one to deal the cards, if the person with the highest score wins it all. On the contrary, if someone has the same score, the money will be divided.
  • Playing a 3-card scratch card with a dealer: 1 player stands as the dealer, the members in the game will compare cards with this person. If your card is higher than the card, you will win, if it is lower than the card, you will lose your bet.
  • 3-card scratch card: after dealing 3 cards to each person, the player will calculate the number of points. If they are confident of winning the bet, they can “raise”, that is, add a bet. You can call the bet by giving the same amount of money as the raiser, or if you have a bad hand, you can choose to fold and lose your bet.

How to play the standard New88 three-card card game at New88 Bookmaker

In fact, playing New88 three-card card game is much simpler than other card games, you don’t need any experience to participate. Below is the most accurate way to play the New88 three-card card game for you guys. Anyone who is a “rookie” who has just joined New88 should learn carefully.

Register/Log in New88

First, to play the New88 3-card scratch card, you must have an official account on the platform. Players can register via phone number and enter the confirmation code to enter the game immediately.

Other times, bettors do not need to create an account again, just log in with the previous phone number and password.

Deposit money into New88 wallet

At New88, a three-card game happens extremely quickly, you have to “pump” enough money into your account to not miss any chance to win.

Currently, New88 Bookmaker supports many deposit methods such as banking, coins, scratch cards,… you can freely choose the most convenient method.

Choose the New88 three-card card room

On the home page of New88 Bookmaker, you select Card Games → Scratch Cards → Choose a game hall and game suitable for your level.

For example, if you are a newbie and have a low betting capital, you should join the newbie lobby with a small bet. On the contrary, if you are proficient and have plenty of money, then join the hall of masters and masters to win higher bets.

Withdraw bonus money to account

After dealing three New88 cards, calculating the points, you will see the winning or losing results displayed directly on the screen.
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If you win, the bet will be transferred immediately to your wallet. Just provide information such as bank account and the amount you want to withdraw and you’re done.

Good tips for playing New88 three-card cards to win big bets

Many New88 three-card card players believe that winning or losing depends most on luck. However, if the cards you hold in your hand are not too bad, you can apply the “secret” to reverse the situation and win huge bonuses.

Divide betting capital appropriately

Because the New88 three-card game has a very fast game, players often divide their bets into many small games to “last” longer. It is possible that the first 1-2 games with bad cards will lead to losing bets, but the following games will be better. Don’t put all your money into just one game, the risk of “going empty-handed” is very high.

Place on multiple doors at the same time

In the New88 three-card card game, in addition to betting on their own hand, the player can also add money to bet on another person’s hand, called “taking a bet”. If you lose that game and the person you bet on wins, it is considered a break even. Playing 2 or 3 doors at the same time will increase the probability of winning the bet and have the opportunity to recover capital.

Place bets on multiple doors to increase the probability of winning

Calmly speculate the probability of the cards

Players will have the right to raise and follow their opponents when playing New88 three-card cards, so they need to carefully consider the entire game’s developments to see if they have a chance to win or not. If your opponent raises strongly with a large amount of money, he must have a good hand. If you don’t have a strong hand, don’t follow to ensure safety.

WithHow to play the standard New88 three-card card game Above, you can confidently “pump your blood” and win every game at the New88 card game lobby. Don’t miss the articles constantly updated by New88 to participate in betting, entertainment, and receive great rewards at the number 1 reputable New88 Bookmaker today.


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