Traditional lotteries were born in the 60s of the 20th century with the purpose of building and constructing the country. In each region: North – Central – SouthLotteryThe design has its own form of issuing lottery tickets and its own prize structure. Together New 88 Find out the details!

What is traditional lottery? Role

This is a type of lottery with pre-printed numbers, letters, and ticket prices for customers to buy and participate in prizes. Normally, the number of letters and numbers will be limited so that players have a chance to win prizes after release.

Traditional lotteries in our country are divided into 3 regions: North, Central, and South. Each region will be managed and operated by its own lottery company. These companies have the role and responsibility of issuing, printing tickets, awarding prizes as well as managing the proceeds from ticket sales.

Lottery is a healthy form of entertainment legally recognized by the state. You can easily buy lottery tickets at roadside stalls or from street lottery sellers. The profits from issuing lottery tickets will be used to build and build the country to become richer and stronger. If you have good financial conditions and want to try your luck, you can play lottery regularly.

Distinguishing traditional lotteries from 3 regions: North, Central, and South

The form of issuance and prize structure of the Northern lottery will be different from the Southern lottery. Specifically:

Northern traditional lottery

The Northern traditional lottery was born the earliest, in 1962, issued by the Capital Lottery Company. Up to now, it has a development history of more than 60 years. Currently, the Northern Lottery is mainly issuing digitized lotteries with pre-printed tickets with numbers from 00000 – 99999 based on the model of linking the Northern Lottery Council.

The price of each lottery ticket will be 10 thousand VND, divided into 2 types: 15 symbols and 20 symbols. Each type of ticket will be issued on different days of the month with its own prize structure:

Lottery ticket with 20 symbols: This traditional lottery is issued on 2 days of the month, which are the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar. The total number of prizes in the drawing is 108,2000 prizes. There are a total of 8 special tickets, each prize is 500 million VND. The 12 sub-prizes of the special prize are worth 25 million each. The rest are other prizes.

Number 15 ticket symbol: This type of ticket is issued every day of the month except the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar. There are a total of 81,150 prizes, 6 special prizes of 500 million VND each. There are 9 special prizes, each worth 25 million VND.

Traditional lottery in the Central and Southern regions

Central region lottery draws at 5:15 p.m. daily on television stations in the Central region. Each day there will be dial-in broadcasts on different stations, so you need to remember to follow the details and quickly. The Central region’s traditional lottery drawing schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, Watch Central region lottery results at Hue TV station, Phu Yen
  • Tuesday, Watch Central region lottery results at Quang Nam and Dak Lak television stations
  • Wednesday, Watch Central region lottery results at Da Nang and Khanh Hoa television stations.
  • Thursday, Watch Central region lottery results at Quang Binh, Binh Dinh, Quang Tri television stations.
  • Friday, See Central region lottery results at Gia Lai TV station, Ninh Thuan.
  • Saturday, Watch Central region lottery results at Dak Nong TV station, Quang Ngai, Da Nang.
  • Sunday, See Central region lottery results at Khanh Hoa TV station, Kon Tum.

With the traditional Southern lottery, the drawing schedule will take place at 4:15 p.m. every day on Southern television stations. Specifically, the weekly lottery schedule will take place on stations such as:
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  • Second, check the southern lottery results at Ca Mau, Dong Thap, and Ho Chi Minh television stations.
  • Third, check the southern lottery results at Vung Tau, Ben Tre, Bac Lieu television stations.
  • Wednesday, check the southern lottery results at An Giang, Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh television stations.
  • Thursday, check the southern lottery results at Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh, An Giang television stations.
  • Friday, check southern lottery results at TV station Tra Vinh, Binh Duong, Vinh Long.
  • Saturday, check the southern lottery results at Hau Giang Binh Phuoc TV station, Long A, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Sunday, check the southern lottery results at Da Lat, Tien Giang, Kien Giang television stations.

The prize structure of the Southern and Central lotteries is the same. The prize structure will have 1 special prize worth 2 billion VND, 10 first prizes each worth 30 million VND. There are a total of 10 second prizes, each worth 15 million VND.

Above, New88 has helped you learn about the typesTraditional lottery 3 regions with attractive prizes. If you have the opportunity, you can buy lottery tickets to try your luck, who knows, maybe you will win a very attractive big prize, right?

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