What are the Symptoms of Hypertension?

Hypertension is a disease where high blood pressure occurs in the body and exceeds the previous normal limit. High blood pressure will give you a sense of uncertainty in carrying out normal body work activities. This disease usually arises among the elderly because the condition of the body is getting weaker making it easy to get this disease.

Hypertension is also a very dangerous disease because hypertension can cause even more severe diseases such as stroke, heart attack, rupture of blood vessels, and much more. This is of course very dangerous for a person’s body.

Therefore, maintaining health is very important to do, starting from regular exercise from an early age, maintaining good food, and a healthy lifestyle will provide comfort and health for the body to keep it awake. In addition, hypertension can be identified by recognizing some of the characteristics of hypertension.

The following are symptoms of hypertension, namely:

Psychologically it will be easy to get angry.

People who have hypertension usually often get angry easily. Anxiety that occurs in his mind will spur anger that he can’t, the effect of anger that occurs will cause excessive stress and blood pressure continues to increase.

Vertigo is a headache that causes headaches. Vertigo occurs due to high blood pressure in the body because the blood supplied by the heart will continue to increase to the brain so that the brain becomes dizzy.

Bleeding through the nose or nosebleeds.

The next thing that happens is the discharge of blood through the nose because the blood circulation system in one part of the nose does not contain blood, this will cause nosebleeds.

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Tired easily.

The next characteristic of people who have hypertension will be easily tired and not excited. Tired easily due to muscle work activities and the body becomes weak because the blood supply in the body is above average or high blood pressure.

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