Take the Jakarta SAT With the Right Preparation

Do you want to take the SAT Jakarta course but are still confused about choosing the right time? Want to take the SAT test but have physical limitations? Do you want to know a definite strategy to deal with the   SAT? You can find answers to all these questions in this article.

SAT Prep Course During School Holidays

Taking the SAT test in its entirety will challenge your skills to study a variety of subjects. You are required to complete questions on reading, math, writing, and language as well as complete an essay.

Taking SAT preparation courses is open at any time, but school holidays are an ideal choice for taking SAT courses, especially for those of you who are busy with school activities.

Considerations are made to take the SAT during school holidays for high school students because it has several benefits, such as:

Additional Time Dedicated To Study

Those of you who take the Jakarta SAT preparation class during the holidays have more time to focus on practicing for this important test.

Alternatively, those of you who choose to prepare for the SAT during the school holidays should plan your schedule carefully, so that you have time to study while taking part in extracurricular activities at school.

If you just want to focus on preparing for the SAT during the holiday season, you can take a preparation class at English Bridge.

Enjoy a More Flexible SAT Study Schedule

During the promotion holidays, many of you have free time so you have enough opportunity and energy to prepare for the SAT.

For example, you decide to study for two hours every morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so you can do other things in the afternoon. That way, every Tuesday and Thursday you are free to spend time with family and friends.

There are also those who decide to study five days a week. So that every afternoon they can spend time with their family and friends. Taking advantage of school holidays to prepare for the SAT allows you to better manage a definite study schedule.

Preparing for the Jakarta SAT During the Holidays 

If you feel you are fully prepared for the SAT test, you will have more confidence in your abilities on test day compared to those who are not ready for the test.

Preparatory classes during the school holidays at the SAT Jakarta course will give you the opportunity to build tremendous confidence about this test because during the holidays you have more free time needed to absorb the information conveyed during the lesson.

You’ll also have plenty of time to get to know and practice the strategies you can learn during the school holidays. You can begin to learn to deal with your weaknesses so that you can feel more comfortable learning specific lessons.

By preparing carefully and not in a hurry, it will make it easier for you to remember students and will have a good effect on the score you will get.

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School Holidays Are the Right Time to Study With Friends

During the start of the school year, most of you will definitely be busy with homework, hanging out with sports clubs after school, and other activities.

If two of your friends may be taking preparations for the Jakarta SAT at the same time in the new school year, you can be sure that they don’t have time to study together because of their busy schedules.

But if they take SAT prep classes during school holidays, they will have more free time to meet and study material together before taking the real exam.

They can learn by playing quizzes or maybe practicing their math skills by competing in online games. Studying for the SAT can be more effective and fun with the help of a happy friend.

Understanding the Use of Accommodation at SAT Jakarta

You will definitely prepare for the Jakarta SAT test as well as possible. However, there are bound to be some of you who feel less prepared than others.

Especially if you have physical limitations, medical conditions, or learning disabilities well, you will definitely be wondering about the actual testing process.

Accommodation at SAT Jakarta

Can they get the help they need to do well on the Jakarta SAT test? The answer is yes.

For those of you who will take the SAT test, accommodation support will be available for students who really need it.

It is advisable for those of you who need accommodation support to submit a request as soon as possible to the College Council so that they have enough time to evaluate the details of each request. The following people can get support for SAT Jakarta accommodation:

  • Who is eligible for SAT accommodation?

To be eligible for SAT testing accommodation, you must have a documented medical record.

Some examples of medical conditions and physical disabilities that may qualify for accommodation applications are diabetes, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, special blindness, deafness, and several other learning disabilities.

When the College Board considers your request for accommodation support, members see what kind of accommodation the student uses at the school.

The fundamental question to consider is, “Does the student’s condition affect the ability to take the Jakarta SAT?”

If so, the request for supporting accommodation will most likely be approved. For example, if a person has a physical disability that prevents them from sitting for long periods of time, accommodation supports may be made for the student to rest during the exam or a student who is blind may request a Braille test book or even an audio version of the SAT.

  • Examples of Accommodation Support for SAT

The type of testing accommodation students receive depends on what their physical disability or condition is like. The Braille test booklet and the audio test mentioned above are two examples of Jakarta SAT testing accommodations.

A student who cannot see partially can ask for a magnifying machine or even an exam book that displays a large print.

Alternatively, a student with a documented learning disability may receive plenty of time to complete the SAT, while a student with diabetes may be able to pause during a test to read a blood sugar or eat something to correct fluctuations in blood sugar.

It will not be penalized for stopping the timer on the test. The accommodation support provided is in accordance with the student’s situation, whether he or she has a disability or a medical condition.

  • How to Arrange SAT Accommodation Support

Getting accommodation support for the Jakarta SAT requires students to submit a written request. They can do this with the help of an in-school guidance counselor by making a request online.

The request must include documentation from the doctor as well as an explanation from the student about how their physical disability or condition will affect the process of taking the Jakarta SAT exam.

  • How Long Does it Take for SAT Test Accommodation Support to be Approved?

It takes about seven weeks for the College Board to review all documentation of students who have the deficiency.

If you are a student who needs accommodation support on the SAT test, you should submit all information as early as possible.

If any documents are missing or the board has questions about the student’s situation, it may take longer to approve the request.

Students interested in obtaining accommodation support for the SAT should also ensure deadlines for submitting requests and submit information for these requests well in advance of the test day.

Strategies Learned In School To Prepare For The Jakarta SAT

The Jakarta SAT doesn’t seem relevant to your high school class. When the College Board says the SAT tests the same skills you learned in high school, it’s not.

High school essays have different questions than SAT essays, high school math questions are much more detailed, and high school science barely shows up on the SAT.

sat preparation 2

Even though there are significant differences, you don’t have to differentiate between the two too far. There are several things you can adapt from studying in school for you to apply in your SAT practice.

Here are some strategies that can help you make the most of your time in high school to prepare for the Jakarta SAT:

1. Start to get used to using good vocabulary.

The latest SAT format has included many questions with new vocabulary that cannot and cannot be found in the old Jakarta SAT format.

When you are reading a challenging text for English class, make sure to look for words that are not known to mean and practice the words in the right way to prepare for vocabulary use on exam day.

2. Learn the basics of math content.

It is true that mathematics on the Jakarta SAT test is not the same as high school mathematics but mathematics is both about counting numbers.

Focuses on high school math, especially on what is learned during the first few years of high school. This can be a good way to build basic comfort with many of the skills the SAT test will test.

Even if specific SAT strategies are the most useful in answering math questions knowing how to do quick calculations and having familiarity with important formulas will help you do well on this exam, especially when it comes to timing.

3. Recognize the rules of grammar.

Many high school English curricula emphasize written grammar, but many students tend to find it boring. You must not be one of these students.

Having a basic understanding of grammar rules is key to being confident on the SAT Writing and Language section. Even if you don’t remember all the rules and the exact names of things learned in class, paying close attention will tend to spot mistakes and know how to fix them.

4. Get essay writing practice.

The old SAT essays had almost nothing to do with anything that would be written in high school. But the new SAT Jakarta essay is almost the same as a high school assignment.

The new essay is all about argument analysis. The skills learned by many Social Sciences and English in high school are trying to hone.

If you practice these skills in class and enlist the help of your teacher at school to improve your writing, you will definitely be more comfortable writing essays.

By continuing to practice writing, you will improve your overall writing ability. So try to do your schoolwork related to writing well, in the same way, you practice writing SAT essays.

5. Develop good trial habits.

The SAT is a standardized test, unlike many of the tests, you will take in school. His name is also a test means a test. There is a mental strategy that you must develop that will help you be more disciplined when facing the test.

The long test that you will face on the Jakarta SAT will be boring. With lots of practice on exams, you will be more effective at dealing with feelings of boredom and wanting to give up.

Plus, you can use high school test-taking to practice things like question-answering strategies, make good use of test time, and learn how to use multiple-choice questions to improve your score.

6. Take the pressure off your SAT score.

Practicing taking exams in high school has more academic benefits. Even so, the SAT is considered quite heavy in college admissions, so it’s a good idea to do as well as you can. The better you practice in high school, the less stress you have to deal with on the SAT.

Discovering your potential in high school will have a good impact on the SAT test. To score on the SAT it is very important to apply the lessons and skills learned in high school to test preparation.

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