Tips for Facing the GRE test at the Last Minute

After weeks of preparing for the GRE, it’s time for the real test. You have learned a lot of tips given from English Bridge, and you have also done many practice tests and applied the strategies given in practice tests.

Now the time has come to apply what you have learned for weeks. There are many ways that can be used to optimize what has been learned. But there are also many ways, which can be done to thwart what you have learned so far.

So before you start planning your final GRE Test preparation, try to apply the GRE tips and tricks to your final preparation.

Last Minute of GRE Prep is a Game of Odds

Do you often play games? Do you like to take risks in games? The last minute of preparing for the GRE is the same as when we play games. When preparing for the GRE Test, you will definitely spend a lot of time studying and practicing all the concepts that will be tested on exam day.

You need to carefully evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. You must be able to overcome weaknesses without ignoring the areas of strength that you have. For example, you want to study verbal but you should not forget the math area on this test.

If during the exam, you get exam topics that you like, it means you are lucky. If not, you should be able to do your best according to what you have learned during exam preparation. The GRE Test uses a multiple choice format.

If your GRE Test schedule will be held next week, you have a tight time and schedule. It’s possible that you don’t have enough time to do a lot of new skill development. It’s okay, it won’t be a problem.

You can increase your chances of getting a high score by using the remaining time wisely. You must be able to divide the time with the right portion.

You’ve been practicing for weeks, you could say your math skills are pretty good. Maybe while preparing for the GRE, you haven’t paid much attention or focused on the new words that will come out in the exam.

That means a week before the exam, you can spend studying using vocab flashcards to learn new words.

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Learning a new vocab is not a bad idea. But learning a new word to remember before an exam can be both an advantage and a burden.

Gives an advantage if you manage to memorize it within a week. But it will be a burden if you only remember some of the words and you experience fatigue and stress in memorizing words because you are haunted by limited time.

The more tired you are before facing the real test, the worse it will be. Your mind will continue to be contaminated with negative things that can cause your score to be bad. To avoid it all, try to apply the two tips below:

Get to know the format for doing the GRE Test

The GRE is in multiple-choice form. Try to estimate how much time you will need to ask questions.

If you think you’re spending too much time on a question, leave it behind but don’t forget to tick it so you can come back to work on it.

Don’t waste time on difficult questions, if you can work on other questions and get the right answers, it’s more profitable to increase your score.

Believe in what you already know

Most importantly, you must remain calm and focused while taking all the exams. If you read a question, you have an answer to that question, try to find the answer in the multiple-choice section, if there is, you can choose it as an answer. Don’t forget to also check and re-check the paragraphs or readings related to the question.

If the expected answer in your mind is not in multiple-choice, then try using the technique of eliminating answers that are definitely wrong. That way, you will find an answer that is close to correct and is definitely correct. If you find it like that, you can read it again and surely find the real answer.

Remember, don’t think too much about difficult or confusing questions, you can ask them at the end.

What can be done before one week to face the exam

During the week before the exam, you can fill it in by doing practice questions for 5 days. By doing practice questions, you can build stamina and prepare yourself for the real exam. Make sure you include all essays and experimental sections.

All the exercises you do a week before the exam must be timed according to the actual exam. Practice your weak areas as much as possible without paying attention to your strong areas.

Tips for preparing for the GRE Test One day before the exam day

You don’t have to do anything. Try to eat healthy foods. Prepare everything you need for the exam. Go to bed earlier than usual.

Refreshing the brain the day before the exam is very necessary. Make your heart happy and happy to face the test. Don’t make the exam that you will be taking tomorrow a burden, but you have to do the opposite, which is to enjoy the exam.

When exam day is in sight, don’t forget to have a full protein breakfast. Do fun activities while waiting for the test time to arrive. Try some light exercise, it’s a great way to relieve anxiety and train your mind to stay focused.

Don’t forget to bring a valid ID containing your full name, photo, and signature. You can bring drinking water and snacks packed with healthy energy (nuts, protein bars, etc.)

During breaks, make sure you get up and move. Try to stretch the big muscles of your body (legs, trunk, and back) to get oxygen flowing, which will help you stay awake and keep your mind clear.

The most important GRE Test Tips

The power of positive thinking is very influential when facing exams. You can freely determine your attitude at any time. Regardless of everything else that is happening or will happen, you can choose your attitude or reaction when you face struggles, challenges, and difficulties.

Now you are faced with one challenge which is to do the GRE Test. You have to be self-motivated and instill in yourself that you will dominate the GRE and get a high score. You have to believe in your abilities.

By motivating yourself and believing in your abilities, you will give more energy to answer GRE questions. With confidence and maximum effort will get the appropriate results.

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