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Start your own mobile website business

Start your own mobile website business

If you have been watching the latest news you will see there is a big discussion about mobile websites and mobile apps.

So what’s the difference Between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Mobile apps are those small programs you download onto your mobile phone which then need to be installed.

If you want to add new material etc then time is a huge factor as it is sometimes taking weeks and even months to have your app approved and the same for updates.

You also have to develop multiple apps to target the different operating systems and with Android etc beginning to really become popular it would be silly not to target them

Mobile Websites on the other hand can be initiated almost immediately and updates are also immediate. The other thing is that they work on a variety of different operating systems.

Customers can turn a website into an app link on their mobiles or save it into their bookmarks.

Mobile websites can also help to promote the business’s app which is an added bonus.

With just a little bit of training, we can help you develop a profitable business by building mobile websites for all kinds of clients.

Mobile Website for Businesses

The Internet is now more than a PC-based phenomenon; with close to 3 billion mobile phones worldwide, the reality is that many people’s first Internet experience will soon occur on a mobile device and part of this will be mobile websites.

As this trend evolves it is vital that the commercial world adapts to it, or faces being left behind. With mobile devices fast becoming the primary interface to the Internet, business opportunities are ripe for supplying mobile websites.

Mobile Websites for Non-Profit

As more and more nonprofits launch group texting and text-to-give campaigns in the coming months, we’re also going to see more and more nonprofits launch mobile websites

Mobile Websites for Education

Just like other industries, the education sector is also starting to use mobile websites combined with mobile apps. This is another great industry you can target with your mobile websites. Here is a great survey of the current state of mobile websites in education.

Below is a graph of what information they are adding.


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Mobile Websites for Photographers

Most businesses have been very slow to appreciate and address the needs of mobile users on the go. Research has shown that 79% of businesses, both large and small, do not have mobile sites. This is especially so for niche industries that would benefit from having mobile websites.

Mobile Websites for Publishers and Printers

Book writers and printers can all benefit from good mobile websites and with our system, you can make them look great. Printers especially are good to target as they can then offer them to their customers getting you even more mobile websites to build.


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