How to quickly study TOEFL to get the best score

The TOEFL score that you will get could be a source of anxiety when taking the TOEFL test. You waited a long time to find out your TOEFL score and after knowing the score you achieved, you asked if the score was appropriate. By studying the TOEFL hard, you will succeed in getting the score you want.

Start studying the TOEFL by looking for research resources that you can rely on so that you can complete the entire syllabus of the sections that are tested on the TOEFL.

The key to learning the TOEFL is not getting bored with practice, practice and practice. You should have enough practice questions along with answer keys for better understanding.

The most important thing for preparation for studying for the TOEFL is a lot of practice material to learn to solve different questions from each part of the test so that it can build your skills to work on different questions in each part of the test.

Currently, there are many online forums that provide space to study and find solutions to problems related to the TOEFL test. Sample questions are very helpful for facing the TOEFL.

You also have to manage your time to study for TOEFL. Apply the tips you get from less preparation or study online.

You have to do an evaluation after studying TOEFL, by doing an evaluation you will understand the characteristics of the questions tested on the TOEFL and what the best answers are like.

In addition to credible and reliable study materials, there are other aspects that you need to prepare, namely things that must be considered when you want to choose TOEFL preparation materials. Things to consider are:


Before you download any material to study for the TOEFL or before getting a copy of the material, make sure that the material is an in-depth analysis of each part of the test.

In the material that you will study, also make sure that there are practical exercises for the four sections being tested, there is also an answer key along with an appropriate explanation of the material. Even better, if there are tips and tricks to solve questions quickly.


What you should pay attention to when taking TOEFL study materials from the internet, be sure to look at the add-ons or tools to improve listening skills.

The material you have should have a feature to replay audio listening voices to detect errors or study them more deeply.

When you have studied the TOEFL and practiced, surely you will question the score you get. What you should know is that there is no definite answer to the question “Is my TOEFL score good?” You don’t need to worry, in this article we will also discuss the information you need to measure the score on the TOEFL test.

Unlike other tests, there is no failure on the TOEFL. There is no score range in the TOEFL that is said to be good or bad. On the TOEFL there is also no level of English that definitely measures good or bad.

It all depends on what you need. You can see some of the TOEFL scores required for some schools in the United States. Then you follow the score and see where you are.

Some schools, determine the minimum score you achieve is 70 points and the high one is 110 points. For example, you get a TOEFL score of 90, but you think you can get 100 points. If the program you want to enter only requires 80 then you don’t need to test again.

Instead, you can focus more on other areas so that the admissions department is more interested in your essays, interviews, and portfolios.

But in some cases, the minimum score you have on the TOEFL is less desirable. Sometimes a university offers special benefits for those of you who have a TOEFL score above the minimum.

For example, if you want to go to graduate school, your score must be at least 90. If you want to become a teaching assistant, your speaking score must be at least 26. So overall you need a score of 100.

What is the best score according to ETS? As you get your score, you will also get a summary of your strengths and weaknesses.

ETS divides the score into 3 levels, namely high, medium, and low. You can use this information to find out how good a score you got.

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Here is a brief summary of the three official score levels for the TOEFL:

  1. HIGH: if you manage to get the highest score, you can choose a superior school for you to enter.
  2. INTERMEDIATE: the middle score you get, can get you into the school you want.
  3. LOW: if you get this score, it means your score is not so good. Maybe you can only enter on conditional admission. You better study again and practice to improve your score and try to do the test again.

Those are the three levels of TOEFL scores issued by ETS. In general, a good TOEFL score depends on what university you enroll in, which country, and many other factors.

The following is a general range of TOEFL scores:

80 or less, this is not a great iBT score. If you only have a score of 80 or less, you can’t get into an American school, except on conditional admission. Even non-English speaking countries usually receive a TOEFL score that is not so good.

80-90, this score is quite good. If you get a TOEFL score above 80, there are several universities that will accept your application. Usually, this range of scores is generally accepted at the postgraduate level because postgraduate programs do require English language skills, but student recipients are more interested in research and academic skills.

90-100, TOEFL scores in this range are pretty good. You can be accepted into various universities. With a grade like this, you can also get an additional position as an RA, TA, or GA on campus.

100-110, if you manage to get this score it means your ability is very good. Once you get this score, you can be accepted into Ivy League universities and other top universities.

110-120, this is the best TOEFL score range from any standard. You can apply to any university you want.

For example, there are universities that require you to get a TOEFL score of 100 but also require you to get at least a score of 27 in the Speaking section. The key to getting the right score is diligently studying the TOEFL.

As explained above, learning the TOEFL can be done by doing lots of exercises from various sources and learning strategies to answer questions correctly.

This is a fast way to study TOEFL to achieve the best score

Surely you have often heard that TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test. TOEFL aims to measure your English language skills. Many people ask how to quickly learn TOEFL, and in this article, we will discuss it.

There are 3 types of TOEFL, namely, PBT stands for Paper Based Test, there is also CBT stands for Computer Based Test, and the last one used until now IBT stands for Internet Based Test.

You must be asking again, is the way to quickly learn the TOEFL for the three sections the same? The key is the same but these three TOEFL have their own strategies to conquer them.

TOEFL CBT seems to be rarely used in Indonesia, while TOEFL PBT, although the TOEFL was the first to come out, is still widely used in course institutions or campuses. TOEFL iBT is usually used for those of you who want to continue your studies in America.

Getting a high score is the dream of many people. As we discussed above, you must get a TOEFL iBT score of 90-100 to be accepted at various foreign universities.

The fastest way to learn TOEFL is to diligently do the exercises. But that’s not enough, you also need tips that can help solve problems in answering questions, such as the following:

01. Spend at least 2 hours a day

The first way to quickly learn the TOEFL is to spend at least 2 hours every day studying TOEFL. Try to study TOEFL in the best mood like morning, afternoon, or evening.

Try to stay focused and not think about anything other than the TOEFL material. It’s better again, to make a schedule with a pattern, for example, you make a schedule in one week with a 2-2-2-1 pattern, namely 2 days of listening learning, 2 days of studying the structure, 2 days of reading, and 1 day to calculate the score achieved.

Don’t forget to evaluate which part you need to improve. Doing an evaluation will make it easier for you to know where your abilities are.

02. TOEFL practice online

The second way to quickly learn the TOEFL is to do the TOEFL practice online. Maybe you didn’t take preparation lessons, there are currently many sites on the internet that provide online training.

You can use these sites to learn. Look for a site that also provides an answer key with an explanation to make it easier for you to evaluate. Remember, the more practice, the easier it will be to answer TOEFL questions.

03. Improve listening skills by watching movies.

Watch more English-language films. Maybe you have a weakness in the listening section. You can use this method to solve it.

Try watching American movies to practice listening. Usually, American films have conversations or conversations in them and you can watch films with English subtitles.

Do not do listening exercises using English songs, because in the song there is no conversation. Most people, when learning to use a song, will be hypnotized by the tone rather than the lyrics.

If you are comfortable and can understand when watching movies, you can replace it by listening to English radio. So you will practice listening as in the real test.

04. Learn word class

How to quickly learn the fourth TOEFL is to try to study the word class. What is a word class? Word class is the division of words according to their structure.

For example, in a sentence, there is a subject and a verb. Knowing the word class will make it easier for you to work on the structure questions on the TOEFL test.

05. Increase Vocab

The fastest way to learn the fifth TOEFL is to memorize a lot of vocab. There are many ways that you can use to enrich your vocabulary. Starting from flashcards to memorizing them.

The easiest way to memorize vocabulary is by interpreting all the passages in the TOEFL reading practice questions. If you are minimal in vocab, you will find it difficult to understand the meaning of the questions on the TOEFL. Because the TOEFL is very academic and the language or the words are not familiar.

06. Discipline yourself

Actually the hardest ordeal you have to face is yourself. There are times when you feel bored, lazy, bored, tempted by a friend’s invitation to play, and much more.

At a moment like that, your commitment will be at stake to study TOEFL. When that moment occurs, try to remember your original goal and you must fight the temptations that stand in your way.

So you can use these six tips to get a high score, these tips are very useful for those of you who are just about to take the TOEFL. The important thing is to keep your commitment to achieving high scores to get into the university of your dreams.

Are you a person who finds it difficult to be self-taught but wants to take the TOEFL test? You can take preparation lessons. The most trusted preparation institution in Jakarta and its surroundings is English Bridge. The teacher here is a native speaker, so it will be easier for you when learning to speak.

Many English Bridge students manage to improve their scores after taking preparatory classes. You will be taught by experienced teachers. The teaching method is also in accordance with the method abroad. Even if you take a group class, you will see the ability one-on-one with the English Bridge teacher.

You will be given a lot of practice so that you will more quickly understand the characteristics and strategies for answering TOEFL questions. What are you waiting for, you can consult for free on WhatsApp number 0812 100 600 75.

Prepare Yourself For The TOEFL Test

To take the TOEFL test, you must have good English skills. Use the adequate time to prepare for the test. You can do preparation right after you decide to take the TOEFL test.

Never make sudden preparations, because they are very ineffective and will not help you to get an adequate score.

It’s better for you to do a conducive preparation, with a conducive preparation that will make you ready for what you have learned.

You can prepare for the TOEFL test by watching TV programs in English, you can also watch English films to practice listening and reading articles in English to practice reading.

If you want to practice writing, practicing writing on your personal blog using English is an effective way of learning. To learn to speak, you can have conversations with friends using English or talk to yourself in front of a mirror.

It’s a good idea to know your weaknesses, so you can improve those weaknesses to make them your strengths. When preparing for the TOEFL, don’t forget to make time management, so that you have a clear and definite schedule for studying.

TOEFL is said to be a difficult test. There are many questions that confuse you. The time given to do the test is also very short. Within 130 minutes, you have to do 140 questions and 300-word essays in 30 minutes.

You have to be careful in answering questions. Often there are deceptive answers, they are wrong but appear to be correct. Therefore, you must understand the questions and answers correctly so as not to be fooled. It’s good you don’t look for the right answer but look for the best answer.

TOEFL questions will not include issues related to someone’s death, political differences, religion, historical disputes, crime, and topics related to ethnic issues.

You have to pay attention to the procedure for carrying out the test properly. Understand what to do with each section. You can try to study together to get ideas for answering problems.

Make sure everything needed in the TOEFL test has been prepared so that the results of your TOEFL study preparation are not in vain. Such as registration forms, identity cards, test numbers, pens, pencils, and erasers. You can read articles dealing with tests.

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