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10 Ways to Improve the Chances of Pregnancy

10 Ways to Improve the Chances of Pregnancy

Once you have decided to have a baby, you have to plan with your partner regarding the process. It’s natural to have many questions in mind regarding how to proceed and what are the things to do to boost the chances of conceiving. What else can you do to boost the chances of pregnancy?

01. Know the menstrual cycle

As you have decided to have a baby, you can now stop the contraception. But it will take a few months for the menstrual cycle to regulate once you stop the contraceptives. Now, monitor the menstrual cycle and keep a track of the dates.

Once the dates are more or less fixed, you can start planning the intercourse more during the ovulation period.

  • But you should keep track of your weight as being overweight or underweight will affect the chances of pregnancy.
  • If there are irregularities in the period, then you should immediately visit the fertility specialists.

Once you are sure that the ovulation process is regular, you can have a smooth conception.

02. Monitor ovulation period

Any woman with regular periods can monitor the ovulation cycle easily. The ovulation usually happens two weeks before the arrival of the next period. If you start having continuous and frequent intercourses from the 11th day of the onset of the period and continue till the 18th day, it will increase the chances of conception.

There are wide varieties in the lengths of the menstrual cycles in different women. So the time and duration of the ovulation period will also vary. Once you start monitoring and follow the dates for conception, you will maximize the chances of pregnancy.

03. Maintain healthy weight

If your body mass and weight are high, you will always have a problem conceiving. The reason is simple. Being overweight causes different types of hormonal imbalances that directly affect the fertility of women and men.

A healthy BMI or Body Mass Index is necessary to get pregnant easily you can seek professional help too if you think that the high body weight is affecting the fertility factor.

04. Recognizing the signs of ovulation

Do you know how to track the ovulation period? Well, 

you can note a few changes in the vaginal discharge.

  • The discharge will become more like sticky mucus.
  • Usually, the body temperature can heighten during ovulation.

You also have the over-the-counter kits that will help you to test the presence of LH or luteinizing hormone in the body that the body secretes during the fertile period.

05. Regular exercise

Exercise is important to keep your body and mind stress-free. The doctors at the IVF Clinic will always suggest a workout session of at least 30 minutes every day for proper stress management. You can even try some activity that you like and you don’t have to force yourself the exercise. 

06. Maintain a balanced diet

Having foods that boost pregnancy is a great idea to help you conceive. Add nutritious food to your diet chart that won’t add weight but will provide the nutritious elements that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. 

07. Improve your lifestyle

Smoking and regular consumption of alcohol are things that will hinder the process of conception. Indeed, smoking will always degrade the quality of the sperm in men and can even lower the sperm count. 

Abstain from any type of recreational drug that will help to conceive faster. Drugs and alcohol are not only injurious to health but can also bring about infertility. 

08. Be patient

One of the main things that you have to keep in mind is that you cant conceive overnight. You have to be patient and have positive vibes. If you are always under stress and keep on thinking why aren’t you pregnant yet, you will reduce your chances of pregnancy. 

It is essential to be stress-free as you have intercourse with your partner. It’s the best way to boost the chances of fertilization. You may take 6 to 8 months to conceive naturally. The time frame does not imply that you have infertility. 

09. Have intercourse regularly

When you are in the fertile period, have sexual intercourse regularly. Keep in mind that an egg remains alive in the uterus for 24 hours while the sperms remain alive for 48 to 36 hours maximum. To enhance the chances of fertilization, you must have sex every alternate day. 

10. Have prenatal vitamins

If you are a woman attempting to conceive, you must start taking some prenatal vitamins that will help you to get pregnant. The consumption of folic acid supplements will also help you to conceive.

A health pregnancy

All the above suggestions will help you to get pregnant easily and also ensure that the baby growing within is a healthy one. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and food habits to ensure that you have a healthy fetus growing within.


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