Vehicle Incident Detection System India – What To Know About It

Traffic incident detection happens to be one of the most researched areas of the ITS or the Intelligent Transportation Systems. In current years, most of the mega-cities are suffering from heavier traffic flow and some unwanted congestion. So, monitoring the traffic scenes is one challenging issue because of the characteristics and nature of the traffic incident.

The reliable detecting power of the traffic incidents along with the congestion will offer useful information. The main goal is to enhance the safety measures in traffic and to indicate the characteristics of a traffic violation, traffic incidents, and driving patterns. 

Some people are relying on the estimation of the traffic incident right from the hybrid observer or HO method. It helps in detecting traffic incidents by using one improved version of the automatic incident detection technique. Such techniques are simply based on the lane-changing and speed mechanism in a high traffic environment.

The value behind the video incident detection system:

Modern technology is booming nowadays and it came up with some of the major inventions all around. The same goes with the vehicle incident detection categories over here. The effective form of highway and tunnel traffic management will depend a lot on fast incident detection, resolution, and verification.

The top-notch Vehicle Incident Detection system consists of networks of quality cameras, designed to detect incidents automatically like overspeeding, wrong-way driving, accidents, and more. It ensures proper response all the way through.

The key features to focus at:

There are some interesting features that make vehicle incident detection services one of the major systems of all time. So, in order to know more about the system, understanding the key features is really very important to address.

  • The system is targeted to be pretty user-friendly in nature. It is quite easy to install and maintenance-free with lower power consumption.
  • For 24 x 7 security services, vehicle incident detection is the one you should be looking out for. From this system, you will receive highly-reliable data acquisition, with is completely free from any climatic conditions through loop detectors. 
  • You have above-the-ground detectors and cameras as well to complete the pack. It ensures enhanced safety on the highways and right in the tunnels.
  • There is easy racking order of the events over here. It means this system comes with digital recording a minute before and two minutes after the incident. It helps in understanding the incident a lot better.
  • Now, you get the chance to collect data and store it through the vehicle incident detection system. It helps in collecting traffic-related data on highways like zone occupancy, speed of traffic flow, gap time, and average speed for every vehicle, vehicle data, video sequences, and even classifications. It works on serial data transfer through proper use of the interface.
  • The system is well-crafted to detect all kinds of events, even if those are non-traffic incidents. So, whether it is smoke or unwanted fallen object inside the tunnel, the cameras will detect all kinds of movements.
  • A reliable vehicle incident detection system consists of top-notch cameras for taking perfect pictures all the way through. 
  • Mostly, fixed and PTZ cameras are used for higher precision detection of the incidents like wrong-way drivers, stopped vehicle, under-speeding, over-speeding, traffic congestion, and speed drop.

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Application areas:

Now, you must be wondering more about the areas where you generally see the use of vehicle incident detection systems. Any congested or heavy traffic areas will call for such systems to keep track of vehicles and their movements. Some of the common areas where you get to see the use of vehicle incident detection are tunnel management, commercial buildings, highways, and airports.

How will the system work?

The VIDS cameras are mounted on the highway structures. These are used for monitoring the respective stretch of road. There are dedicated algorithms used for monitoring the video signals and turning the traffic data into some promising business intelligence.

  • The traffic data is likely to be continuously transmitted to the technical control room.
  • Unusual activity is detected by the vehicle incident detection system and then it gets validated and confirmed.
  • After confirming, necessary action is taken, depending on the type of incident in question.

Safety is the main concern:

The main concern of vehicle incident detection systems is to provide safety on highways and then generate e-challans for those who have violated road ethics. For making the roads safer and ensuring smooth traffic flow, vehicle incident detection can detect anything from stalled or stopped vehicles to the pedestrian crossing, vehicles coming from other sides to over speeding and under speeding, weather status to crowd gathering, and even the current condition of the traffic like dense, delay, congestion and more. So, using vehicle incident detection really holds some true meaning.

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