There are many advantages to going with the Yuchai truck engine for your truck. There are many reasons why this is a good choice for you and your company, so read on for more information about why you should go with this engine!

What makes the Yuchai Truck Engine different?

The Yuchai truck engine is a reliable and durable engine that is perfect for trucks. It has a variety of features that make it unique, including a high-pressure turbocharger and an air-to-air intercooler. These features make the Yuchai truck engine one of the best options available.

The high-pressure turbocharger ensures that the engine can achieve high levels of performance. This means that the engine can both power and towing abilities are improved. The air-to-air intercooler also helps to improve performance, as it lowers emissions levels. Together, these features help to make the Yuchai truck engine one of the best options available for trucks.

Recommend Yuchai Truck For Your Need

YCK1560 Truck Engine: Its power range is in 600~660Ps. Its compatible models are efficient logistics tractors, large-size transportation tractors, weapons and equipment transportation tractors, all-terrain cranes, etc.

YCK13-60 Truck Engine: Its power range is in 530~600Ps. Its compatible models are high-efficiency logistics tractors, high-efficiency heavy engineering vehicles, concrete pump trucks, truck cranes over 80 t, etc.

Why Pick Yuchai?

In collaboration with the renowned American vehicle company and the renowned European engine R&D institution, Yuchai has created and manufactured truck engines. Yuchai truck engines are used extensively in light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks as well as specialty vehicles due to their benefits of high horsepower, high dependability, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, extended service life, and ease of maintenance.

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