Pogo Pin is a popular electronic connector. A basic Pogo Pin comprises three major components: a plunger, a barrel, and a spring. The needle is curved at the needle’s mouth to retain it in place, and the spring provides contact force to make an electrical connection between the needle and the docking pieces.

Why is it necessary to understand how to utilize Pogo Pins?

When the Pogo Pin and the thimble hole rub against one other, the thimble burns out or wears out, the thimble hole wears out more, the product thimble peels off, and fractured pins occur. The phenomenon has an impact on the product’s quality or assembly. As a result, we must spray the Pogo Pin on the Pogo Pin frequently for lubrication.

So, what is the idea behind using Pogo Pins?

(1) The thimble should be configured so that the ejection force is as evenly distributed as feasible. For complex structures, the demolding force is high; hence the number of sleeves should be increased proportionally.

(2) Thimbles should be used on ineffective sections such as bones, columns, steps, metal inserts, thick local glue, and other difficult structures. The apical pins on either side of the bone and the column placements should be as symmetrical as feasible. D = 1.5MM is the typical distance between the thimble, the bone location, and the post position. Check that the ejector pin centerlines on both sides of the post position pass through the center of the post location.

(3) Avoid wearing thimbles on steps or slanted surfaces. The thimble’s top surface should be as flat as possible and placed on the structural part with reasonable force.

(4) A flat thimble should be utilized when the rubber component has a deep bone location (depth 20MM) or when arranging a dome thimble is difficult. When a flat thimble is required, it should be an insert to facilitate processing.

(5) Avoid using sharp-pointed steel and thin steel, especially on the top surface of the thimble, and never touch the front die surface.

(6) To avoid disrupting the processing and water leakage, the thimble arrangement should take the edge distance between the thimble and the water delivery channel into account.

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