What are the essential lights you’ll need if you’re starting a small lighting show production company, as a lighting system will be one of the main pieces of equipment? How can lighting effects elevate a mediocre performance to a new level while keeping costs low? The following content will answer these questions for you.

Generally speaking, the following lighting could ensure the right mix for your production:

  1. Moving washing machine fixtures

Ground washing and backlighting are traditionally done with wash fixtures. A moving head wash light, Light Sky TX1920 Zoom, as well as Par, Fresnel, Strip LED bar, and other types of lighting, are all available.

with a broad zoom angle of 7–55° and a 19pcs * 20W RGBW macro color system. Rather than concentrating on a single point or actor, they provide a soft edge and cover a space in color. You might want to start there if you have a tight budget.

  1. Moving beam fixtures

The use of beam light, which emits a nearly zero-degree beam from a large-diameter lens, is another strategy for drawing attention to an event.

It can move extremely quickly because it can throw objects a great distance while also being small and light. It is therefore likely that you have seen these fixtures in use if you have watched any concerts in recent years. When added to high-octane musicals or other similar performances, they can be an intriguing addition.

  1. 3-in-1 moving head lighting hybrid fixtures/beam spot wash

Currently, the fixture has multiple functions thanks to advancements in moving light technology. It can now switch between beam spot and wash mode smoothly, which is a significant improvement that gives lighting designers lots of creative freedom.

One professional hybrid fixture that is also a standalone CMY color mixing system is the AURORA from Light Sky, for instance.

You can have everything you need for a starting production by using the overviews above to choose lights from each of the categories you’ll want to use.

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