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Unleashing Power and Efficiency with EvoTec Power’s TH568 High-Voltage Series Generator


EvoTec Power has made significant strides in the research and development of high-voltage alternators, leading to the creation of the TH568 High-Voltage Series Generator. This new generation of generators exhibits exceptional efficiency, output, and independent intellectual property rights. This article explores the key advantages and features of EvoTec’s TH568 High-Voltage Series Generator, highlighting its significance as a synchronous alternator.

Unleashing Power with High-Voltage Capabilities

The TH568 Series Generator by EvoTec Power supports high voltage, reaching a maximum of 13800V, and offers an impressive power output of up to 4125kVA. Its ability to be assembled into an 11KV generator enables easy, continuous operation. This high-voltage capacity ensures a robust and reliable power supply, making it suitable for demanding applications. The TH568 Series Generator provides exceptional energy conversion efficiency, optimizing performance while minimizing energy wastage. Its remarkable power capabilities make it a go-to choice for high-voltage power generation needs.

Enhanced Durability and Maintenance

EvoTec’s TH568 High-Voltage Series Generator incorporates design features that enhance its durability and ease of maintenance. The generator boasts a ventilation and heat dissipation structure that ensures efficient cooling, preventing heat-related issues and extending the lifespan of the alternator. Additionally, the optional double-bearing configuration further enhances stability and reliability. With high protection class ratings ranging from IP21 to IP54 and marine varnish for intrusion prevention, the TH568 Series Generator is well-equipped to withstand harsh operating conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding environments.


EvoTec Power’s TH568 High-Voltage Series Generator represents a significant advancement in synchronous alternators. With its high-voltage capabilities, this generator delivers exceptional power output and efficiency, meeting the demands of various applications. The TH568 Series exhibits a robust and durable design, incorporating features such as efficient ventilation, double bearing configuration, high protection class ratings, and marine varnish for intrusion prevention. EvoTec Power’s commitment to originality and innovation shines through the unique and patented design of the TH568 Series Generator. The TH568 High-Voltage Series Generator is ideal for those seeking reliable and high-performance synchronous alternators for their power generation needs.


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