Home Sports They think if they’re bigger they’ll pass me by easier!

They think if they’re bigger they’ll pass me by easier!

They think if they’re bigger they’ll pass me by easier!

Jamie Swanson is a top basketball player from the USA, but what sets him apart from the others is his height. The team he plays for is symbolically called the New York Towers.

He is the lowest basketball player in the world! With only 130 cm, Jamani cannot get a role in any more serious team, but he does not give up and struggles to achieve his dream.

To play in a serious team or even in the NBA league.

He played basketball against those higher than himself, against real professionals, and he proved to everyone that he can. He is the star of the New York Towers team, which is made up of small people, and there is the best player there – Michael Jordan of basketball for small people.


His mother Sabrina is his inspiration, because she is also short, and during her growing up she taught him that he is no different from other children.

– When I went to the mine with my mother as a kid, people stared at us. And she would tell me: “Don’t worry, you’re no different, you’re just short. You’re just short, “Swanson recalls.

He grew up in New York playing basketball with local guys who were much taller, but what he had was a talent that no one could dispute.

In high school, he founded and played for various teams, but later turned down several colleges that played in Division 2.

– I can keep any player who drops the ball in dribbling – says Jamani and adds:

– That’s it, you don’t want to drop the ball on the floor or if you drop it, you have to protect it. When I’m there, I’ll take it as if it were a “cookie” – says Swanson.

He admitted that he started playing basketball because he loves Jordan.

“I love basketball. It’s in my genes. God has gifted me with this talent, and basketball has brought me to where I am now. I would not change anyone. And this is how I do everything as if I were of normal height “, he stated.

People underestimate me, but that’s what motivates me. They think that if they are bigger, they will pass me by easier, but just because I am short does not mean that I am weak, Svenson said.


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