Dejan Koturović hangs out with South American curanderos, treats drug addicts and wants to meet shamans!

Former basketball representative Dejan Koturović is forty-five years old today.

We bring you a part of the interviews that the independent daily newspaper “Informer” conducted with the former center of Spartak Subotica, Partizan, PSG Racing, Ulkersport, Alba, Virtus from Bologna and Taukeramika. In the younger categories, he played for Belgrade’s Radnički and Crvena Zvezda.

He spent several months in South America and got acquainted with medicinal herbs and their properties, so with his help he helps people who suffer from addiction – primarily drug addicts and alcoholics.

– I wean people off drugs and alcohol! I withdrew from sports and live more freely than ever, helping people to overcome vices and studying precious herbs, legendary Serbian basketball player Dejan Koturović said in an interview with Informer.

The great center, who was the European champion with the Yugoslav national team in 1995 and the world champion in 2002, explains that ayahuasca, a plant from the Amazon, changed his outlook on life.

– Public attention, in addition to endangering privacy, also affects the spiritual development of almost every person because inner peace is lost. I’m big enough and noticed wherever I go, so that’s too much for me, and I’m not hungry for personal marketing, on the contrary, I avoid crowds and the media. I believe that I am not even an adequate interlocutor for your paper.

– Sport has instilled in me a professional deformity that if the job is not physical, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything. That is why I lead strong sessions from my hobby, during which people in the process of deep inner experience and cleansing release the accumulated emotions of fear and its side effects. Also from vices such as alcohol and the strongest drugs or some pharmaceutical drugs, and in a very short period of a few days. It all raises awareness, so a person becomes more focused on a positive path with a more valuable goal that makes life better.

– I spent some time with curanderos (healers) in the Amazon of Peru and the Caribbean part of Colombia. I am interested in noble plants. I studied ours, and I used to be specially trained for the action and use of a visionary plant from the ancient African culture. Of course, I am also interested in South American plants. I think that ajahuasca, like many other plants I tried in South America, helped me get rid of old principles, and open my heart more to love and feel life and people with more correct perceptions.

– In the summer, I would like to go through the desert of Mexico with the healers Huicholes and consume peyote cactus instead of food and thus enrich my spirit, experience, and connection with nature. I would like to have the opportunity to meet shamans, the most powerful people of Siberian spiritual skills.

– I continued to live my life in greater freedom, which is what I strive for. It was nice with basketball until I felt the desire to try some new challenges for me, so over time I lost interest in sports. I just couldn’t replace playing with watching the game. I can’t do something by force.

While he is out of basketball, basketball fans in Serbia will remember him as the European champion in 1995 and the world champion with the Yugoslav national team in 2002.

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