Sansure Biotech, a leading in vitro diagnostic solution provider, is revolutionizing the field of molecular diagnostics with their latest innovation, the iPonatic III – Portable Molecular Workstation. As a company committed to integrating diagnostic reagents, instruments, and independent clinic laboratory services, Sansure Biotech leverages their innovative gene technology to drive advancements in genetic testing.

Introducing the iPonatic III

The iPonatic III is the newest addition to Sansure’s acclaimed iPonatic series, designed to optimize molecular diagnostics through its advanced capabilities. Built on cutting-edge technology, this portable workstation represents a significant leap forward in the field. It combines convenience, accuracy, and efficiency, providing healthcare professionals with a powerful tool for a wide range of diagnostic applications.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Sansure’s iPonatic III empowers healthcare professionals by equipping them with the resources they need to make informed decisions quickly. With its rapid and accurate results, this portable molecular workstation enables efficient diagnosis and personalized treatment plans. By streamlining workflows and reducing turnaround times, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes and enhance overall healthcare delivery


Sansure Biotech’s iPonatic III – Portable Molecular Workstation represents a significant milestone in the field of molecular diagnostics. With its advanced capabilities, this innovative device is transforming the way healthcare professionals approach genetic testing. By ushering in a new “digital and intelligent” era, Sansure Biotech is empowering healthcare providers and facilitating rapid, accurate, and personalized diagnosis. As a trusted leader in the industry, Sansure Biotech’s commitment to advancing genetic technology positions them as a driving force in the future of molecular diagnostics.

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