Popular Landscaping Trends

Landscape design in San Diego is the perfect example of properly and efficiently incorporated landscapes and living spaces.

A home’s interiors are crucial to our everyday comforts, but the exteriors still remain an important part of any living space.

Some aspects of a home’s landscaping are functional. For instance, San Diego outdoor kitchens provide a great opportunity for homeowners who enjoy hosting get-togethers.

Other landscape modifications are more decorative. More often than not, they are a mix of the two. Here are a few popular landscaping trends to look forward to in 2012.

Renovation vs. Remodeling
San Diego landscape contractors are available for the more complex, intensive tasks, but in many cases, you can perform landscaping upgrades all on your own.

Due to the down economy, many people have been a little tight on money. Instead of full, long-winded remodeling projects, homeowners are tending more towards renovating existing landscapes with simple additions. Two of the most popular requests are lighting and low maintenance installations, neither of which are especially difficult to put in or manage.

A great example of simple renovation is the fire pit. Fire pits are seeing a big resurgence, creating unique gathering spots to bring together friends and family during those chilly nights.

Edible Landscapes

Whether it’s planting some fruit trees or growing a vegetable garden, edible landscapes are becoming a growing trend in landscape design, and they are simple and easy to manage. Edible gardens have become even more important given society’s renewed focus on health and consuming local produce, and it doesn’t get much more local than your backyard. Fruits and vegetables also add color to your home, creating a dramatically brighter atmosphere for your home.

Get creative with your edible landscapes. Instead of rows, consider planting your vegetable garden on a curve. It’s a simple touch, but it will liven up your entire landscape considerably.

Small Water

Water fountains and other fixtures add a sense of movement to your landscape while also camouflaging traffic, lawnmowers, and other common city noises. However, large water structures are hard to maintain, and unless you really like large ponds, it’s a good idea to rethink any water features in your landscape.

This year, smaller water fixtures are becoming the craze. People are leaning more towards cut pieces of stone, boulders, or urns with water trickling out of the top. They’re still beautiful but won’t take nearly as much maintenance as a full fountain or pond.

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