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Outstanding Robotics Manufacturer: ForwardX

Outstanding Robotics Manufacturer: ForwardX

ForwardX Robotics is a global technology leader among all robotics manufacturers. Through its flexible automation platform consisting of intelligent mobile robots and artificial intelligence software, ForwardX provides solutions for warehousing and manufacturing facilities, helping to upgrade the warehouse industry with outstanding AMR products.

Outstanding R&D: an incubator for advanced products

ForwardX is comprised of more than 300 members from leading universities and leading companies around the world. ForwardX has applied for 380 patents globally and won many awards, such as two first-place awards at TRECVID and a first-place award at IEEE’s VOT-RT, ForwardX’s team includes some of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics technologists. These top industry technicians, dedicated to their research, are expanding and applying their proven solutions to warehouses and manufacturers worldwide.

An enabler for industry upgrades

ForwardX’s AMRs are currently helping a variety of different industries. ForwardX’s users come from various industries, such as fashion, apparel, food and beverage, consumer electronics, grocery, general merchandise, and household goods. The outstanding AMRs hasve helped reduce the time spent on transporting goods and materials, allowing companies to increase their productivity with the addition of automation.

Automation of the future: the way to go for businesses

For all industries, the sure way to improve production efficiency is to use automation solutions. The reason for the wide use of AMR automation solutions is their extraordinary stability.

Visit ForwardX‘s official website for more details on their outstanding automation solutions.


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