JUNTY, a mechanical seal manufacturer with over two decades of experience, has mastered the art of working with Silicon Carbide material. This high-performance tribomaterial has been a mainstay in demanding applications for over 25 years, and JUNTY’s utilization of it takes it to new heights.

JUNTY’s Silicon Carbide: A Cut above the Rest

JUNTY’s Silicon Carbide products are the epitome of precision and endurance. With its corrosion resistance, superior wear properties, and low coefficients of friction, Silicon Carbide stands out as the material of choice for demanding applications. The company offers a range that includes Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RB SiC), which offers exceptional wear resistance at an economical price, and Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC), which is ideal for extreme temperature environments.

Precision Manufacturing: The Key to JUNTY’s Success

At JUNTY, precision is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. Components made from Silicon Carbide undergo rigorous inspections to ensure they meet the company’s exacting standards. The addition of graphite to some of their products, such as graphite-loaded silicon carbide, is a testament to JUNTY’s dedicatio to pushing the boundaries of tribological performance.

Tailored Solutions: JUNTY’s Versatile Excellence

JUNTY’s Silicon Carbide offerings are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they have created a spectrum of products that cater to diverse needs. Whether you need the cost-effective RB SiC or the chemically resistant SSiC, JUNTY has you covered. The company’s composite forms, such as RB SiC + C and SSiC + C, further demonstrate their commitment to versatility, providing solutions that anticipate and exceed industry demands.


In conclusion, JUNTY’s mastery of Silicon Carbide is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to precision and endurance. For over two decades, JUNTY has been at the forefront of mechanical seal manufacturing, utilizing Silicon Carbide to its fullest potential. The company’s range of products, including RB SiC and SSiC, exhibit the material’s exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and low coefficients of friction. JUNTY’s meticulous manufacturing process and tailored solutions further underscore its leadership in the industry

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