How to wash baby clothes is good and right

Clothes for babies are also the same as adult humans, which means that they both need each other. Well of course also in washing clothes you also have to pay attention to some things in washing baby clothes.

So here’s how to wash baby clothes properly:

Read for instructions for use

This is important as the first thing you remember so that the baby’s clothes are not damaged or shrink, therefore it is necessary for you to read the instructions for the washing method that is already on the baby’s clothes and then do the washing according to the instructions.

Using a detergent that is safe for babies

Use a detergent that is safe for use by babies and then make sure the detergent used to wash baby’s clothes is a detergent that is free from bleach, fragrances, dyes, and soaps that can irritate the baby.

Separate colored clothes and dirty clothes

You need to do some sorting for baby clothes when you are going to wash which is not only limited to separating light and dark colors, but you also need to separate baby clothes that are stained with baby food stains and stains from baby feces.

Rinse baby clothes properly

It is important for you to pay attention to what is called this rinse because bacteria and fungi can harm the baby, and actually using cold water will prevent this from happening, then rinse more than when washing clothes as usual.

Separate stained clothes

For stained clothes and cloth diapers, they must go through an extra washing process, you can rinse using cold water first, then use hot water, then rinse using cold water.

Well, friends, some of these ways to wash clothes will certainly help you wash baby clothes properly so that things don’t happen that we don’t want for the baby we have.

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Washing carelessly may not be able to make clean clothes according to standards, therefore the above method is a solution for you.

Hopefully, the information on how to wash baby clothes above is useful for all of you and mothers in particular.

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