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How to Massage a Baby Correctly

How to Massage a Baby Correctly

It turns out that it’s not only adults who need a massage, but babies too. Even though they are both massaged, of course, the techniques used are different, considering the different body conditions. Especially massage for babies, babies who are still very vulnerable do require special treatment, so that massage must be balanced with insight into how to massage babies to what techniques should be used when massaging babies.

Now for mothers who have babies, here we will describe how to massage babies properly.

Limb Part

The legs are considered to be the right part to start the massage. That’s because the legs have a low level of sensitivity so they won’t make the baby feel surprised or amused.

Use baby oil to massage so that the baby can feel the warm sensation produced by the baby oil. Give a gentle massage starting from the thighs down to the calves.

Then you can continue massaging the back of your foot in a circular technique. Give a gentle stroke from the ankle to the toes. After that, you can move on to the soles of your feet. Next, Mother can massage her fingers. When doing a massage on her fingers, you can use your thumb or forefinger, then pull gently. Do the same for all the fingers.

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Arm Part

The next massage is on the arm. You can start massaging from the upper arm and continue on to the wrist. For this wrist, gentle movements can be done in a circular motion and repeated several times. Then massage your baby’s palm using your thumb. After that gently massage his fingers.


You can start the massage by placing your hands on the baby’s heart. Next, give a gentle massage outwards and balance with gentle pressure. Do the same movement several times. Then place your hands on your chest, and gently massage in the direction of your thighs.


Switch to the back. Mothers can position the baby in a prone position. Do massage starting from the cervical spine to the buttocks with your fingertips. Finally, give a thorough massage, starting from the shoulders to the feet.

Well, how about Mother? Pretty easy to implement right? When all the massagevprocesses are over, you can put your baby’s diaper and clothes on and then hug him. Generally, your little one will fall asleep quickly after a massage because of the comfort that is felt when massaged.


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