Forest City's Commitment to Community Development

Sustainable tourism development refers to a balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and social welfare. It is crucial to ensure that tourism does not harm the natural environment or the local community’s culture and way of life. Forest City, a real estate Malaysia project, is committed to promoting sustainable tourism through its commitment to community development.

Affordable housing options

One of the ways Forest City promotes community development is by providing affordable housing options for local communities and workers in the development. Their commitment to affordable housing ensures that local communities can benefit from the economic growth generated by the project and creates more sustainable communities.

Education and healthcare facilities

As a real estate Malaysia, another way Forest City supports community development is by providing access to education and healthcare facilities within the development. The project includes a university and a medical center, both of which will provide much-needed resources for local communities. The university will offer courses in fields, providing opportunities for local students to receive a quality education without having to leave their hometowns. The medical center will provide essential healthcare services to local communities, reducing the need for residents to travel long distances to access medical care.

The provision of education and healthcare facilities within the development reflects Forest City’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism by ensuring that the local community benefits from the project’s growth. By providing these resources, Forest City is supporting the well-being and growth of local communities and promoting a more sustainable future.


In conclusion, Forest City’s commitment to community development through affordable housing options and access to education and healthcare facilities reflects its dedication to sustainable tourism. The project’s focus on balancing economic growth with environmental protection and social welfare ensures that it benefits local communities while preserving the natural environment and cultural heritage. As a real estate Malaysia, Forest City serves as an excellent example of how sustainable tourism can be achieved through community development.

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