Fibercan is a trusted brand known for its expertise as custom cable assembly manufacturers. Their custom cable assemblies offer a range of features tailored to meet specific needs and requirements. With options for tailored lengths and compatibility with a wide variety of connector types, Fibercan ensures high-quality products that deliver reliable connectivity. Their abundant OEM/ODM experience and strong mold design capability make them a preferred choice for custom cable solutions. With easy and quick installation, Fibercan’s custom cable assemblies provide efficient and hassle-free connectivity solutions for various applications.

High Quality and Expertise

Fibercan takes pride in delivering high-quality custom cable assemblies. With their abundant OEM/ODM experience, they understand the importance of reliability and performance. Their cable assemblies are built to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring consistent and efficient data transmission. Fibercan’s expertise in custom cable manufacturing enables them to provide top-notch solutions that meet the unique requirements of their customers.

Versatile Applications in Various Settings

Fibercan’s custom cable assemblies find applications in a wide range of settings. From telecommunications to FTTP, FTTA, FTTH, CATV, LAN & WAN, WiMAX and LTE base stations, waterproof environments, military applications, and data center system networks, their custom cable assemblies provide reliable connectivity solutions. Fibercan’s cables are designed to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring seamless data transmission and communication in demanding environments.


Choose Fibercan as your trusted custom cable assembly manufacturers for reliable connectivity solutions. With tailored lengths and compatibility with a wide variety of connector types, their custom cable assemblies offer flexibility and precision. Backed by their expertise, high-quality manufacturing, and strong mold design capability, Fibercan delivers top-notch products for diverse applications. Whether it’s telecommunications, FTTP, FTTA, FTTH, or any other setting, Fibercan’s custom cable assemblies provide reliable connectivity. Experience the benefits of efficient and hassle-free installation with Fibercan’s custom cable assemblies.

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