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Essential Square Kitchen Cabinets and Island Design Ideas

Essential Square Kitchen Cabinets and Island Design Ideas

Toncelli essential kitchen cabinets and island design ideas for home automation are at the highest levels.

Modern Innovative Kitchen Cabinets and Island

Presented at Eurocucina 2022, Essential Quadra comes from the fusion-evolution of Essential collections and Beliefs. E ‘is characterized by primary geometric forms and linear. It is enriched with advanced home automation systems that can transform the kitchen into a highly innovative and versatile one.

A large closet and hide the bar entirely in the work area. The kitchen cabinet style is contemporary and the kitchen is creative to discover. Everything is cleverly hidden, so its power characteristic is given by the versatility of its location: it can be placed in the habitat that the more familiar with the kitchen, but also in unique environments, open spaces, and living.

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Kitchen Cabinets with Web-Based System Automation

The automation is mainly used by a web-based system that, through a platform “Open”, provides many possibilities for integration at various levels and with many devices with application browsers. The system has special power modules, low-power, and small size that employ technology ILPS (Innovative Low Power Solution) that allow you to connect the various objects of the system using only the existing power conductors (phase to neutral) to supply the domestic and lights.

The spread of sound in the kitchen is achieved by exciters technology or magnets that are applied to a surface of any material. It can transmit the sound amplifying and spreading it on the surface in a 360 ° environment. This allows you to turn any object design / hi-tech into a hi-fi object. The sound source is handled by amplifiers with an integrated Bluetooth receiver system or web server, accessible via smartphone or tablet iOS and Android.

The kitchen cabinets can transmit an immediate light sense and then the lights illuminate furniture from the bottom will enhance the dramatic effect.

Essential Square Kitchen Cabinets and Island Design Ideas in Kitchen category. Hopefully can inspire you to get the best decor for your home interiors.


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