Empowering Breakthroughs in Molecular Biology: Introducing TIANLONG's State-of-the-Art PCR Systems

TIANLONG, a renowned leader in in vitro diagnostics, is revolutionizing the field of molecular biology with its cutting-edge PCR system. Designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, TIANLONG’s PCR solutions are empowering researchers and healthcare professionals to unlock new discoveries and advancements in diagnostic testing. This article will delve into the exceptional features and benefits of TIANLONG’s PCR systems, highlighting their crucial role in driving progress in the realm of molecular biology.

Unleashing the Potential of Molecular Biology: The Cutting-Edge Features of TIANLONG’s PCR Systems

TIANLONG’s PCR systems boast an array of innovative features that elevate the performance and reliability of molecular biology research. These advanced features include:

TIANLONG Nucleic Acid Extractor Npex 192 extracts highly pure nucleic acid from a variety of samples using the tried-and-true magnetic bead technique. The Npex 192 has a high throughput and efficiency and can extract nucleic acids from 192 samples in 12 minutes. The combination of simple devices with pre-programmed procedures and magnetic bead-based sample preparation kits including proprietary reagents ensures quick nucleic acid extraction and highly pure results.

Transforming PCR Solutions with TIANLONG’s Innovation

By leveraging their extensive expertise in molecular diagnostics, TIANLONG has made significant strides in advancing PCR solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in the following aspects:

Customizable Assay Design: TIANLONG’s PCR systems offer flexibility in assay design, allowing researchers to tailor their experiments to specific targets. This versatility enables customization for various applications, from infectious disease testing to genetic profiling.

Seamless Integration with Laboratory Workflows: TIANLONG’s PCR systems seamlessly integrate into existing laboratory setups, ensuring compatibility and synergy with other instruments and processes. This integration facilitates efficient data management and fosters collaboration among scientists and clinicians.


In conclusion, TIANLONG’s state-of-the-art PCR systems are transforming the landscape of molecular biology by offering unprecedented accuracy, speed, and versatility.  Embrace the power of TIANLONG’s PCR systems and unlock new possibilities in your scientific endeavors.

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