Worst Retirement Mistakes You Need to Avoid as Per Leesa Fazal

If you have spent your life doing employment, one thing is definite; you eventually will have to retire. Only people who set up their businesses or choose to freelance usually continue to work and have a steady income stream even after crossing the official retirement age.

For most American citizens, retirement is a huge turning point. Retirement comes with a loss of steady income, financial instability, and increased stress regarding unpaid debts. However, according to Leesa Fazal, one can avoid such a crisis if they refrain from making inevitable mistakes.  

Continue reading below to learn about the top four retirement mistakes you must avoid to live a comfortable and financially stable post-retirement life.

Worst Retirement Mistakes You Need to Avoid as per Leesa Lazal

People in countries like the United States of America begin earning from as early as eighteen. Many people can earn that covers their monthly expenses and allows them an opportunity to save a portion of that income. 

According to Leesa Fazal, people who make four certain mistakes end up suffering from financial instability and mental stress after their retirement. These mistakes are as follows:

1. Saving their Extra Income in the form of Liquid Cash

The average minimum income is designed in such a way to enable an individual to afford their expenses and to allow them a chance to save a portion of their income.

People tend to save their income for multiple reasons, such as college, buying a car, planning a wedding, or post-retirement expenses. According to Leesa Fazal, people who make the mistake of saving their money in liquid cash end up damaging their total wealth.

Since money is bound to depreciate and lose value over time, cash that is not invested in any scheme to grow will continue to devalue. As a result, the money that one saves up for retirement will probably not be enough to cover the expenses of even just a few months.

2. Not Having a Financial Plan

People who spend their lives without a proper financial plan have a very difficult life once they retire. Since they had not made any sound investments in their youth, they have no sources of income coming to support their post-retirement expenses.

Such people eventually have no choice but to sell their property or file for bankruptcy and end up living a life of bare minimums in an old age house.

3. Quitting their Job Before Retirement

Leesa Fazal Las Vegas advises people to continue working till the official age of retirement is reached. If they quit their job a few years before retiring, doing so shall keep them from making and investing the extra income that can come in handy in the future.

4. Not Investing in a Life Insurance Plan

A person should invest as early as they can in a life insurance plan to allow their wealth a healthy period of growth. Moreover, since life insurance insulates the wealth from the volatile conditions of the external economy, the investments remain safe, and their growth does not slow down.

Eventually, life investment savings allow a retired person to pay off their debts and live a life of financial independence and stability.


If you are worried about your post-retirement financial situation, you are not alone. Simply follow Leesa Fazal’s investment advice, and refrain from saving liquid cash.

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