I’ve had long hair my whole life and have never had it shorter. By shorter, I mean to my shoulders or less. Usually, I get a haircut every 3-6 months. I like to go in (October, February, and May) the reason being…

#1 my birthday month,

#2 Valentine’s Day end of winter,

#3 hello summer sunshine.

The biggest struggle I find is that we all want beautiful gorgeous shiny healthy happy hair. The sad part is that we either color our hair, wash it too often, blow-dry, or use hot tools on a daily basis which all take a beating on our locks.

What I want to share with you is my inexpensive hair mask from Shoppers Drug Mart ($9.99 depending on store sales).

I use this intense re-nutrition hair mask once every 2-4months. After shampooing my hair without doing conditioner I apply about 1 tablespoon amount all in my hair. Keep in mind my hair is to my waist which is why I use it so much. Let the product sit for a few minutes (1-3mins) while you shower and then rinse out. I find that if you have bleached your hair and it’s like straw, apply a plastic bag on top of the head over your hair, add a little bit of heat with a blow dryer and then go sit and watch a movie for an hour. This REALLY treats your hair. You may find you have to wash your hair both at night and in the morning but your hair will love it.

The product has (fluids, lipids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, oligo-elements), making your hair feel instantly replenished and revitalized. I love that it also doesn’t weigh your hair down.

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