Home Tech News If You’re In The Market For An Extruder Machine, Why Not Go With Boyu Extruder?

If You’re In The Market For An Extruder Machine, Why Not Go With Boyu Extruder?

If You’re In The Market For An Extruder Machine, Why Not Go With Boyu Extruder?

Wuxi Boyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was formed in 1998, and since then it has been a market leader in SPC floor equipment and a producer of PVC flooring extrusion manufacturing lines. Our company incorporates the phases of product development, manufacturing, marketing, and customer support. We are committed to becoming your reliable and competent extruder machine manufacturer, and our more than 90 technical patents demonstrate our dedication to developing and producing cutting-edge technology.

Justifications for Picking a Boyu Extruder

Laboratory for Research and Development

Currently, the Boyu R&D Center for the plastic extrusion industry employs over ten people with intermediate and senior technical titles. Boyu is a reliable business associate because it produces high-quality plastic extruder machines and is an industry leader in the plastics industry.


From the perspectives of product quality, environmental protection, and safety, Boyu Extruder prioritizes technological innovation and research to design equipment that is easy to use, safe, and ecologically friendly.

Excellent Reputation

Boyu Extruder has been providing expert technical assistance and extrusion services for over 20 years. Our ultimate goal is to supply businesses everywhere with a cutting-edge extrusion manufacturing system that meets or exceeds all industry standards for quality and productivity. As a result of our dedication to perpetual R&D and our never-ending quest for improvement, we have become an industry leader in technology (owner of 60 patents).


We aim to provide the entire plastic flooring industry with a high-quality, cutting-edge extruder as your reliable partner in this field (extrusion production line). Our plastic extrusion company offers a comprehensive suite of streamlined solutions supported by state-of-the-art equipment, from single-use plastic floor extruders to a whole extrusion manufacturing line. Our equipment is safe for the environment, and the flooring it produces is completely free of formaldehyde and other dangerous substances.


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