Semi drive tires play a crucial role in ensuring the performance and efficiency of commercial vehicles. When it comes to high-quality and reliable tires, Techking stands out as a leading tire brand. With a commitment to innovation and superior technology, Techking offers a range of semi drive tires that deliver exceptional performance and durability. The SUPER DM, part of the Mix-road TBR series, is Techking’s premium tire for semi-trailers.

Reinforced Wear Proof Compound: Boosting Wearing Resistance

Techking’s SUPER DM are equipped with a reinforced wear proof compound, which sets them apart from the competition. This innovative technology enhances the tire’s wearing resistance, resulting in extended tire life and reduced operating costs. The reinforced wear proof compound ensures that the tires can withstand the demanding conditions of long-haul journeys and heavy loads, without compromising on performance.

The benefits of enhanced wearing resistance are manifold. Firstly, it reduces the frequency of tire replacements, saving both time and money for fleet operators. Additionally, the improved wearing resistance contributes to better fuel efficiency, as the tires maintain their optimal performance throughout their lifespan. This not only reduces carbon emissions but also helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Tractive Pattern Design: Maximizing Traction Capacity

Techking’s SUPER DM also features an advanced traction pattern design that maximizes traction capacity. The carefully engineered pattern ensures superior grip and stability on various road surfaces, including wet or slippery conditions. This translates into enhanced safety and control, allowing drivers to maneuver their vehicles with confidence.

So the improved traction capacity of Techking’s semi drive tires is particularly beneficial for vehicles operating in challenging terrains, such as construction sites or off-road environments. The tires’ ability to maintain traction in such conditions minimizes the risk of slippage and ensures optimal performance, even in demanding situations.


When it comes to optimizing the performance and longevity of semi drive tires, Techking shines as a premier tire brand. With their reinforced wear proof compound and advanced tractive pattern design, Techking’s semi drive tires offer exceptional wearing resistance and traction capacity. By choosing Techking’s SUPER DM,businesses can benefit from improved durability, reduced operating costs, enhanced safety, and better overall performance for their commercial vehicles. Trust Techking to give tire solutions that will help your business to grow.

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