Streamline your home’s lighting management with the BN-LINK 60-Minute In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch. Unlike a digital timer switch, this mechanical timer offers a reliable and straightforward solution for controlling your lights based on specific time durations. With its ease of installation and compatibility with various switch plates, this timer switch from Bn-Link is a versatile choice for enhancing your lighting automation.

Effortless Installation Process

Upgrade your existing wall switch effortlessly by installing the BN-LINK 60-Minute In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch in its place. This mechanical timer fits seamlessly into any single or multi-Gang decorator or toggle switch plate, ensuring a clean and unified look in your home. Say goodbye to complex installations – with this timer switch, you can easily enhance your lighting control without the need for extensive modifications.

Versatile Compatibility with Various Devices

The BN-LINK In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch is designed to work with a wide range of devices, including lamps, fans, and other appliances. With ratings of 125-Volt, 60 Hz./20-Amp, 2500-Watt resistive/8-Amp, 1000-Watt tungsten/5-Amp, 625 W ballast, 1 HP, this timer switch provides reliable performance across different types of electrical loads. Whether you’re looking to automate your lighting or control other household devices, this timer switch is up to the task.

Reliable Performance and User-Friendly Operation

Experience dependable performance and user-friendly operation with the BN-LINK 60-Minute In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch. Unlike digital timer switches, this mechanical timer offers a straightforward and intuitive way to set specific time durations for your lights. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your lights will automatically turn off after the selected time, providing both convenience and energy savings in your home.


Enhance your home’s lighting control with the BN-LINK 60-Minute In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch. Offering an easy installation process, versatile compatibility with various devices, and reliable performance, this mechanical timer switch is a practical choice for managing your lights efficiently. Upgrade to the BN-LINK timer switch today and experience the simplicity and convenience of mechanical timer technology in enhancing your home automation system.

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