Did you know that area scan cameras can detect defects without fail, making them a valuable tool for manufacturers? This article gives an overview of the advantages of using area scan cameras in manufacturing.

What is an Area Scan Camera?

An area scan camera is a type of camera that mainly use continuous, planar scanning light to realize product inspection. This type of camera can be used for defect detection in manufacturing and other industrial applications.

Area scan cameras have several advantages over traditional cameras. They are more accurate when it comes to detecting defects, they have a wider field of view, and they can see smaller objects than traditional cameras can. Additionally, area scan cameras are less likely to get confused by moving objects or shadows.

How to use an Area Scan Camera

Area scan cameras are a type of camera that are designed to take pictures of a large area. These cameras are often used in manufacturing and machine inspection applications, as they can help inspectors capture a more comprehensive view of the area they are inspecting.

One advantage of using an area scan camera is that it can help inspectors detect defects in a larger area. Because these cameras take many pictures, they can help inspectors identify areas where there may be problems. Additionally, because these cameras capture images in multiple directions at once, they can also help inspectors locate objects that may have been missed during other inspections.


Area scan cameras from SmartMoreInside are a powerful tool for defect detection. These cameras can be used to check the quality of products as they leave an assembly line, or even on individual parts within a product before it is shipped out. If you want to know more about them, please contact SmartMoreInside.

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