Apple’s First Computer, Auctioned at Rs 2.7 Crore, Was Launched 45 Years Ago
Apple’s first computer is to be auctioned on Tuesday (September 25) after 45 years. Apple’s first computer Apple-1 was auctioned at Messetuetus in Boston. It was bought by a US trader at 3, 75, 00 (Rs 2 crore 72 lakh in India according to the cryptocurrency). The computer’s base price in Nimali was worth Rs 3 lakh, which is about INR 2 crore according to Indian currency. To know the particular things attached to this computer.
Who made Apple-1?
Apple-Founder Steve Wozniak created the Apple-1 in the year 1976, after which it Woz a name. When Apple-1 was designed, its price was 666.66 dollars.
45 years later even new computers like Apple-1
Prior to the auction, experts reported that Apple-1 still works like a new computer. Also, it is reported that all Orijil parts in the computer are engaged. The Apple-1 ran continuously for 8 hours before the auction, where some kind of trouble was not recorded.
Apple-1 ‘s story is unique
It is reported that neither Steve Jobs nor Steve Voganiyak had enough money to make Apple-1. Paused not work, so the two decided to sell their stuff. Steve Jobs was sold his calculator by Steve Voganiyak to make Apple-1.
It was Apple-1
The 200 unit of Apple-1 was initially designed. In the early stages, it was just the motherboard that the keyboard and the screen were not given. At that time it could have been connected to the TV.
Advantages of Apple-1 ‘s first sale
Apple’s co-founder, Steve Voganiyak, said in an interview that the Apple-1 was priced at 666.66 dollars, making the company earn 12 thousand dollars.
Apple-1 is the world’s 50 computer that contains
Apple-1 was FU to be incorporated into the world’s 50 selective computers during the auction.
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