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Your Partner for Seamless Global Freight Forwarding


Navigating the intricate world of international shipping requires expertise, reliability, and a genuine commitment to customer success. Austway embodies these qualities, standing out as a premier global freight forwarder. Whether you need a global freight forwarder or comprehensive logistics solutions, Austway ensures smooth, efficient, and trustworthy service.

Diverse Freight Forwarding Services

Austway offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to meet various needs. Their offerings include ocean freight, air freight, Amazon freight, customs clearance, 3PL warehousing, project cargo, and white-glove service. Additionally, Austway expertly manages both LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) shipments, providing flexible and cost-effective solutions for different volumes and requirements.

Expertise as a Freight Forwarder from China

China is a critical hub in global trade, and Austway excels as a freight forwarder from China. They understand the unique challenges and complexities of shipping from this major market. With their experienced staff and deep connections, Austway ensures that your shipments from China are handled with the utmost precision and efficiency, minimizing delays and optimizing costs.

Industry-Specific Logistics Solutions

Austway goes beyond traditional freight forwarding by offering integrated logistics solutions tailored for various industries. Their expertise spans retail logistics, high-tech logistics, industrial logistics, CPG logistics, and e-commerce logistics. This industry-specific approach ensures that each client receives solutions designed to meet their unique needs, streamlining supply chains and enhancing operational efficiency.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Austway prides itself on being a friendly alternative to faceless corporations in the freight forwarding and logistics sectors. Their mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience through respect, integrity, reliability, professionalism, and competitive pricing. With effective communication and a passion for their work, Austway is dedicated to helping their partners and customers achieve success.


In the realm of global logistics, Austway distinguishes itself as a reliable and dedicated global freight forwarder. Their comprehensive range of services, especially as a freight forwarder from China, combined with their customer-centric approach, makes them a trusted partner for businesses looking to optimize their logistics operations. With Austway, you can be confident that your freight forwarding needs are in capable hands, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation across the globe.


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