In this article, we introduce the wide-angle zoom lens from lens supplier YTOT.

Wide-angle zoom lens can be applied in machine vision production line which is also equipped with autofocus and auto exposure functions to offer excellent performance under different lighting conditions.

What is the Wide-Angle Zoom Lens?

Wide-angle zoom lens is a type of lens that has a greater angle of view than a standard lens. This type of lens is often used on automatic production equipment, such as camera systems and printing presses because it gives photographers and editors more flexibility in their shots.

How to Use the Wide-Angle Zoom Lens in Machine Vision?

Wide-angle zoom lenses are a versatile tool used in machine vision applications. They can be used to capture more of the overall scene, which can be helpful when trying to identify objects or motions.

The wide-angle zoom lens is great for machine vision because it allows you to see things that are off-center or out of the frame of other cameras. You can use this lens to take close-ups of items or to capture large areas.

Wide-Angle Zoom Lens Helps Automatic Production Equipment

Wide-angle zoom lenses are often used in automatic production equipment to help achieve a closer view of the object being processed. This type of lens is particularly useful when working with large objects or when many details need to be seen. With a wide-angle lens, the operator can see more of the object at one time, which makes it easier to make accurate adjustments.

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