Membrane Foam Dressing is a versatile solution for managing wounds with moderate to severe exudate. It’s ideal for a range of conditions, from arterial and venous ulcers to pressure sores, traumatic wounds, burns, postoperative sites, and skin abrasions.

Leader in Foam Dressings

Winner Medical leads the way in supplying top-quality foam dressings for wounds with moderate to high exudate. These dressings excel at absorbing exudate, preventing it from reaching surrounding skin and causing complications. They also reduce the frequency of dressing changes, a win for patients and healthcare providers.

Innovative Medical-Grade Foam

Winner Medical stands out in China for developing medical-grade foam. Their hydrophilic polyurethane foam, based on TDI, offers superior softness, rapid absorption, high absorbency, and excellent retention. It’s passed strict biocompatibility testing, ensuring it’s safe and effective for medical use.

Customized Solutions

Winner Medical offers a range of medical-grade hydrophilic polyurethane foams tailored to different needs, from absorption to conductivity. They’re customizable and available in various thicknesses, allowing flexibility in wound care solutions.

Antimicrobial Power

Silver or PHMB antimicrobials are incorporated during foaming. This empowers users to transform foam dressings into high-quality antimicrobial solutions, enhancing infection prevention and wound healing.


In summary, Membrane Foam Dressing and Winner Medical’s foam dressings are revolutionizing wound care. They provide versatile solutions for various wounds and exudate levels, prioritizing patient comfort, effective healing, and infection prevention. Customization options and antimicrobial features make them a promising step forward in modern wound care practices.

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