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Experience the Future of Cycling with DUOTTS N26 Electric Bike


Duotts, a renowned brand in the electric bike industry, introduces the revolutionary N26 Electric Bike. Blurring the line between an e-bike and an electric motorcycle, the N26 redefines traditional electric bicycle design with its sleek aesthetics and innovative features. Get ready to embark on a whole new level of riding experience with the DUOTTS N26 Electric Bike.

Moto-Inspired Design: Aesthetics Meets Innovation

The N26 Electric Bike from DUOTTS takes inspiration from motorcycles, bringing robust power and a cooler appearance to the world of e-bikes. By combining the essence of an electric bike with the sleek look of a motorcycle, DUOTTS has created a visually striking and innovative design. The N26 offers a fresh riding experience that sets it apart from traditional electric bicycles. Prepare to turn heads as you ride in style with this high-speed electric bike.

Robust Power and Performance: Unleash the Thrill

DUOTTS has engineered the N26 Electric Bike to deliver robust power and exceptional performance. With its high-speed capabilities, this electric bike offers an exhilarating riding experience. Experience the thrill of effortlessly cruising through city streets or tackling challenging terrains. The N26 is equipped with a powerful electric motor that provides the necessary torque to conquer any ride. Enjoy the freedom and excitement of a high-speed electric bike with throttle control, making each journey a memorable adventure.

The Future of Cycling: Embrace Innovation

The DUOTTS N26 Electric Bike represents the future of cycling. With its moto-inspired design and advanced features, it showcases the innovative direction of electric bike technology. DUOTTS has reimagined the traditional e-bike, delivering a cutting-edge product that combines style, performance, and functionality. Embrace the future of transportation and elevate your riding experience with the N26 Electric Bike.


DUOTTS presents the N26 Electric Bike, a game-changer in the world of cycling. With its moto-inspired design, the N26 blends the elements of an electric bike and an electric motorcycle, offering a cooler appearance and an unmatched riding experience. Discover the power and thrill of a high-speed electric bike with throttle control, and embrace the future of cycling with DUOTTS. Experience the perfect fusion of innovation, style, and performance with the N26 Electric Bike. Choose DUOTTS as your trusted brand for cutting-edge electric bikes that redefine the boundaries of traditional cycling. Get ready to revolutionize your rides and embark on unforgettable adventures with the DUOTTS N26 Electric Bike.


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