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What is the English Premier League? Everything about the Premier League

What is the English Premier League? Everything about the Premier League

It is known that the Premier League is the leading tournament loved by many Vietnamese people in particular and fans around the world in general. Today, let’s join together New88sg Learn about the world’s most exciting club tournament.

What is the English Premier League?

The English Premier League is also known as the Premier League, the full name of this tournament is the English Premier League abbreviated as EPL. It is known that this is the highest division in the English football tournament system. In Vietnam, people often use the name Premier League to call this tournament.

On February 20, 1992, this tournament was called the FA Premier League after the Football League’s decision to separate from the clubs participating in the Football League First Division. Separating from the Football League helps teams take advantage of position in terms of television rights to develop the team. It is known that this is also a major turning point to help Premier League teams develop to the current level.

The tournament brings together a total of 20 top teams in England. These teams are continuously selected through the promotion and relegation system of low-level football tournaments. When each season ends, the three teams at the bottom of the division will have to make room for better teams to compete in the lower division.

Currently, the Premier League is the most watched tournament in the world. The tournament is currently broadcast in 212 territories and reaches about 643 million households with an audience of about 4.7 billion and the viewing rate tends to increase over time. .

How many rounds are there in the Premier League?

It is known that this tournament will have a total of 20 participating clubs, and will have a total of 38 rounds each season. It is known that when the season ends, the team with the highest score will successfully win the championship. In addition, the three lowest scoring teams will have to be relegated to compete in the English First Division tournament.

With a clear and reasonable promotion and relegation system, it has successfully increased the competitiveness of teams as well as increased motivation for teams to continue to increase their efforts. It is known that the race to win the Premier League championship is always as attractive as the championship matches. 

In addition, the 4 successful teams that win the most points in the table will be able to participate in the C1 Cup tournament, which means the competition for the top 4 positions is always very fierce.

History of development of Premier League

It is known that in order to successfully become the most attractive tournament on the planet at the club level, the Premier League has also gone through many difficulties and long processes.


The 1970s and early 1980s marked the demise of English football. It is known that the football teams here are facing many financial difficulties, the stadium is degraded and the facilities are extremely poor. Many good players in England have gone abroad to play.

Faced with these crises, English football clubs have moved to reform their team operations. These teams have applied market mechanisms to club management to maximize profits. Because of these changes, the path was opened for the later establishment of the English Premier League football tournament.
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In 1992, the teams playing in the First Division of England simultaneously moved to abandon the Football League tournament. Until 27 May 1992, FA Premier League Dok officially established with headquarters located at Lancaster Gate. The Premier League will be operated as a separate division with tournaments in division 1, division 2, and division 3 continuing to be in the tournament system. Football League.

It is known that the teams competing in the Premier League are all the strongest teams and that these clubs are selected from lower handicap football tournaments.


Thanks to the independent development of the tournament, the teams in the Premier League have quickly developed. Thanks to the huge financial resources from television copyrights, player transfer fees, advertising, etc., teams in this tournament can develop more training facilities for young players. 

After a long enough period of development, the Premier League has now successfully become the most attractive football tournament on the planet.


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