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Create a 3-card lottery and the correct method of playing Lottery 2024

Create a 3-card lottery and the correct method of playing Lottery 2024

Creating a 3-digit arrangement is one of the methods that is quite familiar to many longtime lottery players. However, not everyone knows how to do it to get an accurate set of lucky numbers. If you are someone who is learning about topics related to three claws, the article below by hi888 will be extremely useful information to help members set their own lucky numbers when playing.

Some terms related to creating a 3-arm frame

Before we proceed to refer to the specific method, players need to clearly understand the two definitions of three-claws and how to create a three-cage system.

What are three more like?

Three-digit lottery is a set of 3 last numbers standing next to each other in the lottery results and these numbers will run randomly from 000 to 999. Playing in the 3-digit lottery format will often pose many challenges for new players. new person come to the job. However, if you are lucky enough to win, the conversion rate will be extremely high.

What is creating a 3-claw set?

Creating a 3-digit line is a method by which players create a series of consecutive 3-digit numbers. To create such a system, players will often use computer technology or rely on the lottery playing experience of many experts. Then we will choose an appropriate number with the highest winning rate to play the lottery. In addition, you can use this series of numbers to play for the whole month, week or year.

Detailed instructions on how to create a 3-arm frame

To help new members learn how to create an effective tripod, below are some simple strategies for you.

How to create a 3-claw array according to the total shadow

To create a number system using this method, members need to understand in detail the yin and yang principle of numbers to be able to apply it. Below are the basic negative and positive shadow rules including: 

  • The positive ball will have numbers associated with it: Number 6 will go with number 1, number 7 <> number 2, number 8 <> number 3, 9 <> 4, number 0 <> number 5.
  • The negative shadow will have corresponding accompanying numbers: 4 <> 1, 9 <> 2, 6 <> 3, number 8 has a negative shadow of number 5, number 7 has a negative shadow of number 0.

To clearly understand how to create, we will have a specific example as follows: The result of the previous day’s lottery was number 45. At this time, the player will add the two numbers together (total ball) to get 9. Next We take the number 9 and test it with the table of yin and yang balls above, so the player will have 9 corresponding to the positive ball being 4, the negative ball being 2. Finally, we get a set of 3 numbers: 429, 294, 942, 249,…

Create a set of 3 claws according to the 7th prize and especially in the lottery results

The way to create a series of numbers in this way is very simple, players just need to look at the results of the numbers appearing in prize 7, then combine the last few numbers of the special results to get a lucky set of three. . 

Specific example: The previous day’s XSMB drawing results gave the 7th prize as numbers 36, 48, 67, 95, and the special prize came out as 67154. So we will have a three-digit array created by the numbers. : 364, 484, 674, 954.
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How to create a 3-card arrangement according to the white card number 

To create a 3-card arrangement in this form, we will have two ways to play the lottery as follows:

  • How to create the first 3-digit set: The player will observe to identify the lucky number in the previously compiled lottery results and use it to play the lottery. For example: You see 67 is a number that appears many times in draws. So the player will rely on this lottery number and combine it with numbers running from 0 to 9 to create three numbers with the sequence: 067, 167, 267, 367, 467,… 967.
  • How to create a second set: In case you don’t have statistical ability like method 1, you can go to groups to ask experts for help to see which number is the lucky number. Then follow the suggested pair of numbers for many days to create a suitable set of three numbers. 

Create a 3-digit arrangement using the date of the time

When using a combination of day and day of the month to create a set of numbers, players will have two options to use as follows:

  • First way: You will use the lunisolar day and combine it with the day of the day to create a more suitable sequence of three numbers. For example: Today is Monday, May 27 (according to the solar calendar), now you will combine them to create a sequence of numbers: 227, 722, 272. In case of using lunar days, it will be 20/ 4, we will have a 3-digit array: 220, 202, 022.
  • Method 2: Players choose an even or odd day and combine it with the previous day’s special prize to get a 3-digit number. For example: The pair of numbers in yesterday’s special result was 81, today is May 27 and belongs to the odd coefficient. So we will have a perfect combination to get the following number sequence: 817, 718, 187, 178,..


Above are all the ways to create a 3-claw rig that Hi88 wants to send to you. Hopefully, through the above methods, players can be more confident in choosing the lucky trio. If you want to test the effectiveness of these strategies, you can go to our homepage to participate in lottery betting.


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