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AED from Mindray Protects Heart Health

AED from Mindray Protects Heart Health

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on September 29. We can take a break from our busy schedules and reflect on safeguarding our hearts and health on this special day for the heart. An increasing number of people recognize the importance of heart health and AED purchase, and automated external defibrillators—the “wonder gadget” that saves lives in cardiac arrest—are also becoming more well-known.

The cutting-edge, premium AED firm Mindray makes products that are both highly technical and highly user-friendly. Look at the specifics.

Ingenious Mindray

A huge color screen mounted on the AED and incorporating IoT features are two advancements that have resulted from increased expenditure in research and development for Mindray’s AED devices.

In the former, the first aid scene is primarily taken into account, and the rescuer’s “anxiety causes the error” psychology can be effectively guided by “animation + voice support.”

In addition, based on operation time, the system will determine whether the user is a novice, and the novice will receive more thorough voice and animation coaching.

Advanced Management System

The latter is Mindray’s in-house management system, which can swiftly verify whether the apparatus is in working order, has power in the batteries, etc. This approach significantly increases productivity and guarantees that the AED will be functional when it is required for usage in the maintenance of AED products. With this mechanism, it can be guaranteed that the AED normally works when there are real needs.

Check out the official website of Mindray for more information!


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